Some new stuff!  Also some bug fixes.  And some updated screenshots!

As always, the updated exe is Here.

If you have yet to install PG, you’ll need This instead.

Edit: there was a tagging bug. fixed now.

  • Category images are now vertical
  • Folders tab
  • Default images for imageless items
  • Improved resolution filter
  • Better sort options including creation time
  • Import folder button on folder flyout (recursive)
  • Disabled website auto-image search
  • View Flyout checkbox tracks random/next with flyout
  • Rearranged some buttons for improved usability.

View all your scenes in one place in a sortable, filterable, searchable format. Mark your favorites and your runner ups for easy access.  All blue text is clickable to open the respective information panel.


Tag your scenes with Stars, DVDs, Websites, and Categories, so you can favorite/runner up/search/filter/sort these as well.


Categories   Websites

Get a grip on your collection with the handy folders view, view your stats and adjust your settings.


One thought on “Version

  1. Hi.
    Is it possile to have the setup link restored?
    Unfortunately I can’t install net framework 4.5.2 on my pc…


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