It’s coming


Comments/Suggestions/Pizza Welcome.  Version 1 is still available for download, just scroll down.

28 thoughts on “It’s coming

  1. Can you please make it portable. I wont to leave the software on my hardrive where all my porn is so no one but me can see the problem


  2. I just found out about this program and tried out the 1.1 version and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! 😀 Amazing tool! Is there any ETA on version 2? And even more importantly will you be able to import the database from v1 to v2 …. I really dont want to do all the work twice.


  3. Hello,

    I would like to know whether the tags and other informations I collect inside the pornorganizer will stored as meta-data into the file itself.

    If not, is this on your list?

    And how about a standard pornorganicer folder structure?
    Being able to change the path for a file from the “unorganiced” structure to a suitable structure?

    Or at least a template for everyone to organice the data into a folderstructure?


    1. No, the tags are not stored within the file itself. As far as I know such a thing is not possible, at least not to the extent that PG is capable.

      Folder structure is perhaps a feature for later on. It’s a big one.


      1. I tried to figure out how to use Lightroom (Lr) for organising my stuff.
        Probably it is convinient using this app.

        And I think you could get some inspiration from Lr tools.
        Store the metadata into the file.
        Export the tags.
        Create smart collections.
        Cut and export the videos. (If i like to seperate into scenes.)
        Quick Image adjustments. (crop, brightness, temperature, etc. …)

        I’m now afraid to invest my time to create a database which I can’t export.
        How to restore PG Database after a fresh OS setup?


        1. My understanding is that it is not possible to store custom metadata in a video file. Prove me wrong.

          PG v1 already has the ability to split a scene,v2 will as well.

          If I put in any image editing, it will be done with an external app, like paint.

          You can just copy your database file into the default location on your new machine after you’ve installed PG.


  4. It would be great if you can add some regex functions to pornganizer. Most porn files are named in a very special way, so you can use the file name to extract some information about the actors, the title, the resolution or the studio etc. So basically, when I am importing a file, if my regex settings are right, pornganizer could automatically tag my porn file, that would save me a lot of time. If you want some more inspiration or an example, take a look at calibre, a software for ebook managing :).

    Kodi (a home media center solution, freeware) on the other hand supports scraper addons – adult ones, too! – which can semi-automatically tag your files based on some free adult database. I am not sure if we can implement something like that, too, or if we can create one for ourself as a community (so that it’s free).


    1. pg will scan any imported files for tags you already have in your database.

      i suppose you could use regex to create tags at the same time, but to me it seems easier to create the tags first, which V2 will allow you to do in multiple ways

      if you link me some adult scrapers i’ll take a look


      1. For example this would be the link to the kodi adult adon including the adult scrapers. I am not sure if it is any use to you. for example could be super useful to search for the actors/actresses and for movies. If pornganizer were able to somewhat semi-automatic scrap the files using this database it would be great. I have no idea how to access an API or how to create an addon/scraper though :S. It’s just wish-thinking as an user.


  5. Awesomeo. But I have one issue. When you move the database and update the pornganizer.exe.config, it just never loads.

    I edit this line; <add name="MyDbContext"


  6. you had done great things there.
    i know it is hard, bat it can’t use IAFD for info? or just we give it a webpage of a scene and it stream’s the data ?


        1. right. so PG covers scenes, stars, websites, dvds, and categories. which type are you suggesting we scrape for? at the very least i’d want a solution that covers at least one type fully. as well as the ability to mostly guarantee a good response, aka an actual api, not a scraper that will need to updated everytime the target site changes.


      1. The way I would see this is more a crowd sourced db on a private backend. An API on that one is easy to maintain. As stated by others, many like to search for metadata on their own. Movies could be identified by hashing (there are some great algorithms for that), and users can share their tags, stars, etc. Then based on popularity and flagging, content gets self-moderated. I can easily help out on the serverside of things.


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