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the big issue i am struggling with right now is dealing with big collections.  the paging function in V1 was a lot of work to create, and I never used it.  that makes me assume most people don’t.  so i’ve decided in v2 to ignore paging.  however, displaying 15000+ scenes in one view is not really feasible.  so what i have done is create an (adjustable) hard limit of 2000 items per view.

on top of that, the search functionality is a massive piece of work.  and again, with v1, i barely ever used it.  i am curious what you guys would primarily use the advanced search filters for.  my goal with v2 so far has been to create screens that try to guess what most people would want to see.

stuff I am working on/want to add. feel free to add anything i may have missed

  • dvd series
  • tag existing scenes on new item import
  • make star rating control work
  • proper error/duplicate reporting
  • dvd back cover
  • search screens
  • gif/multi image support
  • video player options
  • pg options
  • bookmarks view
  • urls view
  • move files
  • fix stupid item tagger
  • playlists
  • look for poster/cover.jpg
  • fix trailingpunctuation
  • upgrade existing scene
  • tagging non-scenes
  • aliases for websites and stars
  • custom attributes: release date, director, birth date, description, hair color, cup size, hair style, website url

26 thoughts on “Another Sneak Peek

  1. Great software so far thank you so much!!!

    after few hours of used here are some featured I would like to see:

    database cleanup tools for invalid link or missing files;
    database backup featured
    folder watcher if you drop a file in a folder it will ask you to set the proper tag and add it to the DataBase;
    Auto refresh fucntion when you add tag to scenes;
    delete folder from library


    1. I will be adding a filter to only show files that do not currently exist on disk. The problem is that to do this you have to check each individual file.

      You can backup the database yourself, just copy it somewhere!

      Folder watcher is a major feature on my list.

      Stuff should already automatically refresh.

      Folder manipulations is also a major item on my list.


    1. I’ve thought about this and i am not going to implement one. for one, i don’t have the technical ability to create anything secure, and second, you have better and easier options for securing PG, such as running it from a thumb drive.


  2. Excellent. I am really looking forward to trying this out. In preperation, I bought a Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay 3.5″ SATA enclosure that will hold 8TB of hard drive space. However, I have to change drive locations because I will need to use my esata port. I hope it will be compatible with the pornorganizer software.


  3. Can you add ethnicity to the list of star attributes? Also will the attributes be like a filter so you can show only blonde stars with c-cup tits?


  4. hard drive excluder thing is a cool idea. i can do that.

    i remember the filtering suggestion. i dunno, its possible. i think id rather just use a more prominent way of selecting two different type tags

    so the way its setup now is that all the pages except the “All Scenes” pages have quick filters, meant to just apply a single, primary filter to the list. So for eg on “Favorite Scenes”, you can quick filter to a star, or a category, or a dvd.

    if you want to apply multiple filters, the “All Scenes” page is now a full blown re-do of all the filter options you get in the scenes view in v1. this new page builds out an sql statement (which you can edit). That display can handle showing tens of thousands of items in seconds. so basically since i posted that info i think i have got a handle on things 😀


    1. Sounds good to me.

      I thought of another thing…
      Maybe build in a filter for how many categories a scene has so you can easily see which scenes still need more tags.

      Mhhh …. I had something else but I forgot. 😉


  5. Well lets see…
    Most of the things I would like to see are already on your ToDo-List or are already implemented. 😀

    – One user suggested a filter for disconnected harddrives. I think that would be a good idea. Just set a filter to exclude a specific drive shouldn’t be too hard to add.
    – Another suggestion I read somewhere was to narrow down your search with the flyouts in v1 and the idea crossed my mind also and I guess that could be useful in v2 too. Let’s say you are on a page of a “star” and click on an available tag for that star. Instead of opening the tag as a new search include the star and the tag in the filter to narrow down the scenes. Would be great if this was an option.
    – Can you filter multiple categories in the scene view like in v1? On your gif it looks like you can only set one filter at a time?
    – Btw … will you be able to write your own SQL queries in that textbox? Would be kinda nice.

    As for your problem and question…. You say that the search functionality is a massive piece of work but you are not talking about searching for filenames. Isn’t this what the search field does? It seems you got the tag-filtering covered so I don’t really know what you mean. Is there any search functionality I am missing?

    The paging is nice to have but not a real requirement imho. I try to think of a problem which might come up if you can only view like 2000 scenes and the only thing that comes to mind is that you might have a problem tagging your new scenes if you add like 3000 at once (which I did when I first started the program btw ^^). Otherwse a adjustable limit seems fine to me.

    Otherwise … thanks for programing my (momentarily) time-waster no.1. 😉


  6. Hello
    First I want to thank you for developing a software like this.
    I like the V1, and I’m sure the “V2” will be even better.
    I saw many new features that can be useful, but I have some ideas that maybe you can implement.

    First, it will be possible to import the whole collection of V1 to V2 smoothly?

    When the User add tags to videos, you could use a forecasting system to try to guess the tags for the video. A tag suggestion system. This could be based on tags other videos.
    For example. If I usually always add tags Woman and girl in the same video, the next time I enter one of these tags, it may suggest another.

    I could see that the search system was more robust. Congratulations! But one thing you can add in the search system is, search for videos that do not have specific tags.
    For example: I want to see videos about women but I do not want to see video about men, then I would do a search for videos that have the women tag but does not have the tag man.

    I imported a very large collection to the program, and I’m having a lot of work to add tags to videos. For the system to add tags in multiple videos is not as efficient. You thought of a way to add tags in more than one video easily?

    Thank you
    If you need help you can call me


    1. I’ve already created a v1 export tool to v2. I am using v2 right now with all my v1 info. I dunno about the tag suggestion. That is a lot of work. I will add the ability to search for “not-tags” in v2. You can multi tag in v1 by selecting several items in a list and right clicking to open menu.

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  7. In most cases, I’m not really using the thumbnails at all. I tend to just watch random videos from a selected category (or two). So I’d love to see the option to view in a list form w/out thumbnails.
    I’m not a programer, so I’m not sure if that feature would just be bloat (in which case I’m fine with thumbnail view), but if it significantly sped up the user experience, I imagine that’s how I would most frequently use the program.

    Love it Love it Love it – btw. Thanks for taking this on!


  8. can you make it potable. also are the poster star be pull from adult website or you have to enter. it will be good to get the information from online


  9. Does the new version support h265/x265 codecs? V1 can’t generate thumbnail from those videos.
    It’s the future of video codecs and brings huge advantages in sizes so it’s only a matter of time before those get popular


      1. Well they have not updated the app in a long time, so I dunno what to say. Here is the code I am using to generate images. Maybe someone can take a run at their non-working files.

        using (var outputJpegStream = new MemoryStream())
        var nreco = new FFMpegConverter();

        var thumbnailPoint = seconds >= 60 ? 60 : 0;

        if (predertimedPoint > 0)
        thumbnailPoint = predertimedPoint;

        nreco.GetVideoThumbnail(path, outputJpegStream, thumbnailPoint);

        outputJpegStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

        var thumbnailBytes = new byte[outputJpegStream.Length];
        outputJpegStream.Read(thumbnailBytes, 0, Convert.ToInt32(outputJpegStream.Length));

        using (var myMemStream = new MemoryStream(thumbnailBytes))
        using (var fullsizeImage = Image.FromStream(myMemStream))
        using (var newImage = fullsizeImage.GetThumbnailImage(480, 320, null, IntPtr.Zero))
        using (var myResult = new MemoryStream())
        newImage.Save(myResult, ImageFormat.Png); //Or whatever format you want.
        return myResult.ToArray();


  10. 1. The search function is important whenever you don’t know the name of the actresses, but the specific (part) of the title. For example: “Funny Birthday Party Forever” and all you know was “birthday something”.

    2. You could make the collection smaller if you deny pictures. Users can add sets via CBZ/CBR. Not sure about random pictures, though. There are already better database programs for pictures only out there anyway, I guess. Pro: you don’t have to handle trilliions of pictures which will slow down everything. Cons: You don’t have pictures in PG.


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