Here is an early build of V2.  I expect lots of issues from trivial to critical.  It’s hard for me to get other machines with other collections, as you can imagine.

Extract zip, (hopefully) no installation required.  Everything runs out of the included folder.  I’ve included PornganizerDataRetriever, run it and follow the steps to export your V1 database.

I could and want to add so much more stuff, but I think now is a good point to get a few of you to try it.

Just to be clear, it’s Alpha on a new database.  I will try my best to make sure you can keep using this new database going forward through beta and release, but I can’t promise it.

PGV2 FULL PACKAGE v1.11 Mega Download (17 mb)

PGV2 .exe 1.11 Mega Download

Fiex: Issue saving google API settings required full package recompile.  You’ll need to completely replace all your PG files if you were using a previous version, your database is unaffected.

PGV2 FULL PACKAGE v1.12 Mega Download with PGDataRetriever (17 mb)

Fixes: case sensitive sorting
All scenes search with more then one criteria was generating SQL with ambiguous columns. Error output pane coming soon.
Folders search is still a work in progress, disabled for now.

88 thoughts on “Alpha

  1. any chance the old version is still up someplace. Did a windows reinstall and only saved the .mdf file and when I try and use the Database Exporter I’m getting errors from invalid filenames and I have no clue how to fix it in SQL


  2. Great work on the app so far. There needs to be a way to scale images on the app when adding images to Categories, Websites and Stars as the images on these look stretched and disproportionate. Either that or tell the user when adding images what resolution they have to be in. Another thing why are you using Windows Live era style/ Windows 8 Style for Navigation and then Windows 7 Search icon? For UI surely you should be going for the Windows Store /Universal Windows Style? Thanks for making this and hopefully you fix the resolution problem with pictures. The UI style is suggestion but isn’t necessary but would make the app polished 😀


    1. At some point in the future I will list the ideal resolutions. Scaling images is not really a road i want to go down. I don’t really know what specifically you are referring to when you say I am using Windows Live/Windows 8 style. The navigation functionality comes from the ModernUI framework, but the only UI piece of that is the back button. If you have an updated magnifying glass image (15×15 .png) I will gladly use it hehe. PG is written in WPF, it is NOT a Windows Store/UWP app, those are completely different from standard desktop exe.

      public static int DvdImageHeight = 245;
      public static int DvdImageWidth = 175;
      public static int SceneImageHeight = 120;
      public static int SceneImageWidth = 160;
      public static int CategoryImageHeight = 193;
      public static int CategoryImageWidth = 260;
      public static int StarImageHeight = 245;
      public static int StarImageWidth = 222;
      public static int WebsiteImageHeight = 90;
      public static int WebsiteImageWidth = 120;


    1. Well I’ve had it corrupt about 14 times now. Just simply by renaming or removing things from the database. It is an alpha for a reason I guess!


  3. hi i think for the rename it is better just to do double click on name in edit page! and it is not to necessary to open a dialog for rename!. just make it editable where it already is, after double click.
    it is very good future that i can add any pic to any thing 😀
    And thank you again


  4. Had a crash while it was trying to save to the db file – this ended up corrupting the database file because whenever I open PG2 it crashes after selecting the database. however if I create a new databse it’s fine. Thought I should submit this. No big….because I backup!


      1. It looks to be the renaming of a star than can cause the crash (doesn’t always happen, roughly 75% of the time for me).


  5. Hi,
    Nice work on the update! Love the interface.
    A few things that are missing that I’ve noticed / additions I could suggest
    1. There is no way to filter all items by rating. Only favourites/new etc. I used to do this using the search function, but now there are no thumbnails there.
    2. Can we have the option for thumbnails in the search window?
    3. Would love the option for doubleclicking a star/website/category to go into details, rather than playing all items. And play all items to be in the right-click menu. This is the way it works in windows explorer, makes sense to keep it that way.
    4. Instead of showing filenames in the scenes menu, it would be great to have the option to put our own values in there, eg, Website – Star(s) – Category. A lot of files are named weirdly and its hard to see what theyre about without going into the details pane.
    5. I’ve added the image search api but it doesnt seem to be doing anything. Might be good to add a manual lookup to the right click menu of an item?

    Otherwise, loving the update so far!


    1. 1. In the All Scenes view you can filter by rating, maybe you didnt notice you can scroll down on the list of filters.
      2. The issue here is that PG can only display so many thumbnails. If you perform a search that returns too many results, it’s too many thumbnails to load.
      3. Mmm maybe. I dunno. I think behavior should be consistent across the app. If you double click a scene, it doesnt show you the details.
      4. Multiple websites, multiple stars, multiple categories. That is not so simple.
      5. Hm. Guess I’ll have to try it again.


      1. 1. Yeah i noticed that, and it’s a great functionality. However there’s no real “all” view, it just goes to search. Is that a bug? So I can only filter favourites, new etc.
        3. stars/websites/categories feel more like folders, as they hold the large number of files within them, so double clicking to go deeper/explore folder makes sense to me. And then double clicking a scene to open the scene. Your design choice though!


      2. Actually, in regards to 1. – The rating search doesnt seem to work in the search mode either. If I search for equal to a particular rating, it just lists the whole library (up to 2000).
        Did ratings come across with the data retriever? All my ratings seem to have gone down to 1.
        Another bug – when I open up details, it shows the last rating I clicked on another page. If I mouse over the rating itll change to the correct one for that scene.

        On another note – I’m also missing the video resolution filter from V1. Even just an SD/HD720/HD1080/4k would be great.


        1. Ok thanks for the report. I’ll look into that stuff. You can verify if ratings were exported correctly by opening the *.pg file for an item you know was rated and seeing if the value is in there


      3. Regarding 4. – How about showing details such as stars, categories, websites could also be shown together with the mouseover/popup image? I really miss the flow in PG1 when Im trying to find something, where I could just right click on a scene and see what it contains in the flyout. Now I have to right-click, details, and then go back again. A mouseover/popup would be much better. Just an idea. Also, If adding this detail, it might be tidier to keep the popup in a static position on the screen.


    2. just retried image search again, it does seem to be working. there’s a lot of steps, i’d suggest you ensure you didn’t miss any. perhaps someone else can confirm it is working.


      1. I gave it a try and I don’t know what it is supposewd to do. I added a new star in a scene and nothing happened. I can’t add DVD in a scene cause I get the message “0 DVDs added”.
        When is it looking for new pictures?


      2. Forget what I said .. made a stupid mistake. Works now with stars and dvds for me. Would be nice to have a button to manually push the search and get a preview maybe.


      3. To clarify … I forgot to turn the option “Autimatic download” on … maybe thats your problem too.

        I noticed something else tho. When I add a new DVD the scenes in the folder I added don’t seem to be connected to the DVD in the database.


      4. Just to update – so the auto download does appear to be working, but only when I add a new star. Doesn’t work with existing ones. So whats the best way to update images of existing stars/dvds?


      5. Regarding that my ratings havent transferred from PG1- I just did what you suggested, having a look at the .pg file – and it looks like everything I’ve rated comes up as “Starrating = 1”. So they’re all rated as 1 in PG2..


  6. I am not sure if you want to hear me rambling again but I found some more stuff.

    – All sort orders seem to be case sensitive. “AJ Applegate” comes before “Abby”. Intentional?
    – Same thing goes for the textfilter/search. Maybe a feature, maybe a bug. 😉
    – Websites are still getting filled up while viewing them instead of preloading the view and I think maybe some favorite screens too but I have too few favorites to tell.
    – When I try to search something in the “All scenes” view and choose more than one filter no results are produced.
    – When I add a website in the “All scenes” view it gets added under Folders as well.
    – I still get random crashes if I just browse the program long enough. It can be while opening a page or even while doing a “mouseover” on a DVD cover.

    Some design notes / wishes / whatever:
    – I really miss the “All scenes” view with those filters from v1. I don’t need to see thousands of scenes at once but I like those filters with the preview screenshot of the scene instead of the search functionality that is in its place now.
    – The search functionality is still great to handle lots of data fast and some advanced search functions could be added here. You added an “and” / “or” functionality which is then used for ALL tags. How about something like this: where you can group some “or” criteria together and filter something out with “not”. Anything else would be “and”.
    – The view for a big website or category looks like this on the right: – It is kinda unreadable and takes way to much space.
    – What does the “New Scene tab” actually mean? Added last or added within the last week?
    – The “Untagged Scenes” view is not very useful at the moment since the autotagger already adds tags. Maybe a count filter for tags maybe helpful here.
    – When I “mouseover” the cover of a DVD it looks like this: – I don’t think this is intentional?!

    Just tell me if I should stop. 😀


    1. Thanks for the bugs.

      Fixed case sensitive sort.
      Could not replicate case sensitive text search.
      Only views with > 1000 items will load instantly. I really prefer the one by one stream in because it doesn’t monopolize UI control.
      All scenes search with more then one criteria was generating SQL with ambiguous columns. Clearly I need to an an error output pane.
      Folders search is still a work in progress, disabled for now.

      I can have another look at the All Scenes view, the issue is if you perform a search that returns thousands of results, i can’t display them all as thumbnails.
      The and/or builder gets really tricky really fast. An or is between two or more things, you can’t really apply it to one thing only. I think it is easier to modify the sql yourself.
      The big list of tags for a website or anything else should not exceed the size of the image for that item. so on your websites view, that huge list shouldn’t be any taller then the image beside it.
      New scenes/categories/dvds/stars/websites is currently set to 28 days. I intend to add a date filter so you can adjust the range yourself.
      Autotagger still only works with content you already have. I think untagged is a good quick way for people with less comprehensive collections to get a handle on their stuff.
      DVD mouseover is intentional, if not ideal, it’s to support viewing the back cover. On the bottom right of a dvd you can drag the back cover.


      1. Oh ok I didn’t know that was for the backcover. The adding of covers for DVDs doesn’t work for me.
        It loads like 30 seconds and then nothing happens. The same goes for adding DVDs in general.

        I admit I don’t know too much about the sql query to know the difficulties. I would like to try tho. There is a checkbox right next to it which does nothing for me. What’s that for?

        Keep up the good work!


        1. Open the details for a dvd. in the bottom right of the image, there is an image frame you can drop the back cover onto.
          I don’t know what “It” is. The checkbox is to control the ability the modify the SQL, i’ll unlock it soon


  7. Okay. I got everything working on my computer. I have to say that the layout is great and is light years ahead of version 1. I have the newest version installed (version 2 1.11) and it is stable so far and I haven’t had any crashes. I know it is still in the early stages but here are some thoughts.

    1) When I click on “scenes” and then click “all” it takes me to the search menu. Is this a mistake?

    2) Could you make a search area for pornstars using their attributes?

    3) The category pictures have a horizontal alignment but all my pics are vertically aligned so they look distorted. Any way to change this?

    4) When I double click the pornstars it automatically starts playing a video? I would have thought this would take me to the pornstars profile.

    Keep up the good work! I am extremely happy with this so far!


  8. Thanks for releasing this. Its very well done 🙂
    Some feedback: I may be missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication of which video pornhub is playing when playing from the [Random] or [Next] buttons. In some ways I do miss the flyout, it allowed me to play a random uncategorized movie and categorize it on the fly. Unless I’m in a very limited category section, its really tough to find the scene it’s playing, unless I sort by last played.
    Is there some way to include a small flyout of the currently playing video that allows for adding categories on the fly? Perhaps it could be an optional setting if others don’t use it?

    Love it Love it Love it — Thanks again! 🙂


    1. yeah i miss that too. the flyout was a piece of functionality the old framework i was using gave me, this new one doesn’t have a similar concept. i’ve seen something that might work, but it’s going to take me some time. like you said, sorting by last watch is the best option right now, and hopefully not too painful


      1. Thanks for the reply, you’re a rockstar. I thought I’d seen you mention that (about the flyout functionality) in a previous post. If it turns out to be impossible – or not worth the trouble – just some sort of highlighting of the current video would still be very helpful.



  9. I am having problems exporting/importing the data from PG V1. I am sure it is because I am newbie. I used the database exporter, located the PG database and exported the websites + categories + dvds + stars and scenes but when I open V2 there is nothing there. What is the next step?


  10. Hi there. First of all thank you for developing such a useful application
    1- as we expect x265 thumbnail is not working.
    2- when i try to save google image search (api key name,api name,Search Engine ID) this popup comes:


  11. No problem with starting 1.09 here …

    Haha, you changed it so that it loads all scenes before showing … nice one … multiple times faster this way.
    But changing to the details page now takes one or two minutes because the preload for the categories there takes much longer. Anyway … you are getting somewhere. Nicely done. 🙂


  12. For some reason it won’t start at all for me. I get the windows defender message warning me not to run it. I tell it to run it anyway, and nothing happens.

    This is true for both the PornganizerDataRetriever.exe and PornganizerV2.exe
    They are not present in the taskmanager. I downloaded an advanced task manager called “Process Hacker” PornganizerV2.exe is present there, but can not be closed.

    I restarted my system multiple times. Also this happens with .07 and .08 versions.
    It should be pointed out that PG V1 works fine.

    Judging from the comments here it seems I’m the only one having this issue. So I assume there is a large probability that the problem is with my system. However this being an Alpha I thought I should report it either way.


      1. Restarted the machine, deleted old PGV2 files. Downloaded package again, downloaded .09 exe. Extracted everything to a different folder on a different drive.
        End result the same. When starting up the exe, got warning from windows, told it to run anyway, and nothing happens. Process appear in “Process Hacker” but can not be terminated.


  13. The problem with the direves may be n my side tho. I can add and view scenes when I use the network path instead of the drive lettter.

    Anyway … I noticed something else. When I change to a 2000 scene view and from there instantly to another view and go then back again to the 2000 scenes they are loaded almost instantly (in just a few seconds). It is just slow if you watch it getting filled up.


  14. I just tried out 1.07 for only a few minutes. The whole thing seemed much more stable overall. Maybe a paging function would not be so bad after all. 😉

    I had one crash I can recreate. When I change the order of sorting my runner up or favorite scenes the program crashes.
    When I want to filter my favorites I can just click on “All stars” instead of a specific one. The runnerup filter seems to work.


    1. being able to see over a few thousand items is pretty pointless imo. it’s just too much on one view. i think with this way, i can make the max number adjustable, and you can still sort/filter the entire collection.

      i was also going to ask you to start PG as admin, and see if it improves startup time. i think it may make the folder discovery not throw time consuming errors


      1. Tbh I tried that before and had another problem with it.
        When I start as admin I can not access my network drives and can not add or view any scenes.

        The loading time for scenes doesn’t seem to be affected tho. The first 500 items are loaded in about 10s but it slows down very much the further it goes … to load the 2000 scenes it took over 2 minutes.

        About 3 minutes after changeing to the 2000 scene view the categories were loaded.


  15. Ready for some more? 🙂

    – When I try to add a star or category via drag and drop of a png (does it have to be a png?) it says 0 items added and nothing happens.
    – When I click on “Add” on the add content => star page without entering a name, the program crashes and creates an empty entry.
    – When I click on “Add” on the add content => category page, nothing happens even with a filled textbox.
    – The options are now saved correctly in the config but the autotagger refuses to cooperate.
    – One time I tried to add a scene and got a “System.out.of.memory.exception” message. I can’t recreate it tho for now.
    – I don’t see an entry for the aliases of a star. Is that correct?


    1. Aliases are out for now. They were buggy in V1 and i want to do a proper job on them, as well as including aliases for websites, so that when you import a scene with an acronymized website it can tag it properly.

      Fix for the rest coming soon, i have never seen out of memory exceptions on v2, i thought i had resolved them all.


      1. I will add that my collection is ~15k scenes. MS Windows (.NET) actually has a limit of 2GB per in memory collections. Each item type (categories, dvds, scenes etc) are all individual collections. I am not doing any memory checking, so if you manage to load more items of one type (essentially, their thumbnails/screenshots) then can fit in 2 gigs, i don’t know what will happen.


    2. My last update for today ….
      The autotagger seems to be tagging now … so that’s that.

      Happy programing and good night. 😉


  16. Hey! Love the program. Looking forward to future updates. Great work.

    I just have a couple questions: would there be a way to implement keyboard shortcuts? Or are there some already that I’m not aware of? One that would be helpful is a key that would open the details menu for the selected item without having to right-click. And maybe another key to exit out once finished. And maybe the ability to tab to different fields to edit info.

    Also, I’ve noticed there aren’t any thumbnails for scenes anymore. Is this new?

    And in the scenes>all search field under tags, the folders tab doesn’t narrow the search down like the other categories (the filepath doesn’t pop up with a red x beside it).

    Hope this doesn’t come across as complaining, I’ll say again that I love the program and appreciate all the effort you’ve put into it. Cheers!


    1. It’s still alpha, please, let me know of any issues you find.

      There definitely should be thumbnails, I have an instance of PG that should be a clone of what is available to you guys, and it is generating thumbs.

      I can think about hotkeys.

      Folders is still very much a work in progress.

      Complain away!


    1. Could you try toggling a setting, and looking in the config file immediately without shutting down or restarting pg? I need to know if they are toggling at all, or if something is unsetting them at start up


    2. Count bookmark is updating correctly in the config when clicked
      Rename on disk is NOT updating when clicked.
      automatically download images is NOT updating
      tagging new scenes does NOT update as well

      full screen player does NOT update
      single player instant does NOT update

      I managed to change all the settings while changing ALL settings at once.


      1. Ok … while the setting for autotagging is now on “true” I get the message “The path has an invalid format” and the scene is not added! This happens when dragging a scene on the program. I even tried a simpole patch like D:\something but I cant add scenes now.


  17. Mhh … every time I start the program the “automatically tag new scenes” option is unchecked.
    The user.config looks like this:


    I tried to set it to “true” and save it but unfortunately it didn’t help.


  18. Awesome!

    Here are some issues of mine until now I hope they help you out:
    – During the export of my database I got an error due to me using a slash (/) in my names. I renamed the entry and it worked perfectly … My mistake really 😉
    – When I doubleclick on a star or category and I didn’t watch the details of the item yet, the program crashes. It doesn’t crash if I watch the details before doubleclicking.
    – It takes a long amount of time loading a big category. At first I thought the program crashed but I just had to wait.
    – For the first few times I watch the details of a scene none of the tags showed up. I don’t know why and I don’t know what I did to fix that but after restating a few times they were there. Strange. Update during me writing this … Categories just take a longer amount of time to load at first and will show up instantly later. 🙂
    – The category tags don’t show up on the stars detail page.
    – When I try to remove a category tag it still shows up in the scene it was used (created) in. However … after restarting the program the category was gone completely like it should.
    – When I have the details of a scene open and click on the tagged website, it opens up and loads all the available scene like it should but it adds the scenes on top and you have to wait for all scenes to load before you can do anything. I guess it would be better to add them at the bottom?!
    – It is kinda slow to browse through the content of a website if it has like 2907 scenes (*cough*). 😉
    – Sometimes it takes a long abount of time to add a video when I drag it and the autotagger doesn’t seem to work although I enabled it.

    Could you add an easy way to open the details of any item? Like the middle mouse button or something? I really liked the instaopen with the rightclick in v1.

    That’s it for now 🙂


    1. How big are your categories? The scenes should stream in one by one. I’ll have another look at that. If you have a big library, there is a lot of background loading going on after start up. Scene tags won’t show up until all the background loading has completed. Can you give me a specific case where the auto tagging doesn’t work?


      1. I just tried it again with v1.01 and had the same result.
        The filename was: “Z:\pr0n\Lesbian\All girl massage\AllGirlMassage – Dillion Harper, Jelena Jensen – 400p.mp4”. At least the “Lesbian” and “Dillion Harper” tags should be there. I restarted the program just to make sure it isn’t a loading issue and I just had to wait. But the tags weren’t there.

        The background loading takes a huge amount of time and I have to wait about 3 minutes until the categories show up at the scene detail page. I noticed on some scenes the categories showed up earlier but not on all scenes so I guess it is updating each scene one by one. FYI I imported ~4400 scenes.

        I think my loading issue with the category had to do with the preload still being going on. My bissest category has >3800 items atm. It loads quicker after waiting for the preload but the program crashed when I scroll down the scenes.


        1. all that loading that happened in v1 on startup now happens in the background. so if you have a big library, start up PG and immediately go to a scene, you’ll have to wait. I am constantly trying to improve this. I’ll have a new version up soon that should improve performance viewing large items.


    2. I open my biggest website (~1700 scenes) and it takes ~10 seconds for the UI to become responsive and ~40 seconds for all 1700 items to stream in. Would be interested to hear your results with v1.05


      1. I wonder if the program is preloading something else after the categories for the scenes or should it be finished after that? Cause when I switch from the new scenes view with 4k scenes to my “hearted” stars of like 10 stars it still takes a while to load. Even after waiting for like 5 minutes for the preload. Is there something else loading? Sometimes I get random crashes too when loading views with many scenes/stars or scrolling them. Difficult to pinpoint down.

        Also … would it matter if you had the database on a network drive rather than hdd/ssd? I have stored the database on a ssd for now to avoid issues and maybe increase loading times but would prefer a network drive in the future. Or is it just cpuload

        As for your question … after waiting for like 5 minutes to get the preload hopefully done it took also about 10 seconds for the program to become responsive after switsching to a big website. But it took 5 minutes for the first 2000 scenes to load in the view. It started very fast in the beginning but slowed much down the longer it took to about 1 or 2 scenes per second. The next 500 scenes (to 2500) took another 5 minutes then I stopped watching. 😉


    3. Can you try loading a view with a similar amount of scenes (~1700) as my test to see if we get similar results on that at least?

      When you go to the “All” view for stars, you are loading all the information out of the database and putting it in memory. when you switch to favorites, its running the filter to remove anything that isn’t a favorite. if you load All, switch to Favorites, switch back to all, and back to favorites, is there the same delay the second time ?

      SSD vs network, i think if you have gigabit lan which is pretty standard these days, it doesn’t matter? not really sure tbh


      1. You are in luck. I have a website with exactly 1687 scenes.
        This time I started v1.06 and just waited for the cpu slow down on PG. Then I switched to the site and had to wait 1 Minute for the program to be responsive. After that it took another 2,5 minutes to load all scenes.

        The reason for the delayed responsiveness this time maybe that I preloaded some scenes on the other test beforehand…. don’t know.


  19. I am delighted
    Thank you for this great update!
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    I did not have time to use carefully, but I found a few things you will want to review.

    – The menu categories, to give two clicks on any category the program crashes.

    – By adding a tag to a video if the tag does not exist, the program creates a new tag, but does not add to the video. For this to occur, you must press the ADD button or enter again for the tag to be added.

    – By adding a tag that has the same initials as the video’s name, the tag receives the entire video name. For example:
    Video name: Test123great
    Tag Name: Test
    Tag created by the program: Test123great
    Adding: I just realized that the program created tags from all videos of names that I added. Now I do not know if this is a bug.

    – If you click the right side and select the option to add tags, the program does not show the tags that have been added to the video. (I do not know if this is a bug).

    – When using the drag and drop function for the first time, everything worked perfectly. But when trying to add more videos for the second time, the program returned an exception for all videos.

    I’m sorry for the Portuguese.
    Translation for the first line:
    System.ArgumentException: The path has an invalid format.

    The address of the folder where the videos were was:
    C:\Arquivos\Videos\Video Aula\4 – NG Fiscal

    – Still on the above problem, I dragged the files and then had a return of 24 exceptions. When trying to add the videos again using the browser, the program informs me that the videos have been added. Probably the videos are being added to the database before the error checking. Even the program stating that the videos are in the gallery, they do not appear there. Restarting the program made the videos appear in the gallery.

    I’m sorry if you already knew about the errors. If you do not want anyone looking for errors in your program, just let me know. I’m just trying to help.
    Anyway, it’s a great program, and even in alpha version, is very good!


    1. Thanks for the great report. This is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s possible stuff isn’t showing up in real time, but is getting added to the database. Add something that you think isn’t working, then restart PG, and see if it worked. I’ll test the tagging thing with your examples and see if I can fix up the rest.


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