Alpha 1.13


crash when playing a scene from an item listing (website, star, dvd, category) if certain sort options are selected

db corruption should no longer occur when unfavoriting or un-runnerupping

all scenes rating search works

UIControls.dll no longer required

minor fixes

PGV2.exe and WPFHelper.dll update

if anyone is having issues with a corrupted database, here is an easy way to browse the data

a bug in previous versions set DateFavorited and DateRunnerUpped to “null” when it should be just a literal null value.  you can sort the Scenes, Categories, Stars, Dvds, Websites by these columns and manually clear out any bad “null”s to fix it.

if you haven’t previously downloaded PG, you’ll still need the full package download below.  this is simply an exe and dll update.

10 thoughts on “Alpha 1.13

  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to combine JAVMoviescraper (For scraping DVDs and WebContent from Data18) and Pornganizer.

    I know it’s been talk about scraping before. But is it alot of work to allow Pornganizer to read the .nfo file JAVMoviescraper creates?

    It downloads both Posters and file info. Here is a link if you are interessed –

    That kind of organization is my wet dream.


  2. I tried to post a comment eariler but it seems to not be here, I have been using this program for a while but I have noticed that I have not been able to create any dvds whether it is through dragging and dropping a png image or adding it to a scene. I have tried clean installs of the program and tried using a clean database non e of which have got this working.


  3. When I click play on a video, the cmd line breaks. I think it’s because of missing “” around string paths.
    Also it would be nice to put this on github or something so people can contribute!


  4. Small request for your next update:
    In previous versions, when tagging the applied tag would disappear from the tag box/dropdown allowing me to add several quickly by just typing the first few letters. In this version, the typled letters remain in the dropdown box, which means you have to delete the previous entry/query before adding others. If the tag boxes could be cleared on [enter] / applying them, I think it would be easier to organize and add tags.

    Thanks so much for this


      1. I fully agree with the above suggestion.

        Also, When I’m browsing through and rating items, unrated items show up with stars (usually the same rating of the previously viewed item) even though they dont have any rating.

        Also, is there any way to show items where the path is invalid, like in V1?



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