New PG with read-only database

again, no saving.  but this version will read most of your pg v2 database.



15 thoughts on “New PG with read-only database

  1. I like the look and feel of new version. I have noticed that depending in scene title I have many names for the same category,. So a category tree of some kind would be great. For instance Anal, butt, Ass, apple bottom, would all be anal. This comes back to my favorite gripe playback. I like to mix and match things for playback, so custom playlists would be nice, also playlist for favorites,new, runner up etc. Agree with other comments on stars please increase description options or add fields, then allow playlist by these options. So then I could have a playlist of new movies fake tits apple bottoms:)


    1. there’s no playlist functionality yet, but you can create a list like you describe using the filters on the scene page.

      set an “added” date, add the categories you want, and toggle to “OR”


  2. Tested with a large V2 db and everything loaded (except dvd covers, start pictures, etc). Really hope you expand the Stars profile page to be like the older version, and add an AKA field/multiple profile pics. Not a fan of the yellow-beige background under the main toolbar, but glad you moved away from WPF Toolkit. As others have said switching tasks takes a long time and my i7@3.2 is sitting at about 25% load whenever PG is doing anything.

    Overall though, great work! I can’t wait to see how it progresses. For now I’ll obviously continue using v2, so please keep backwards compatibility in mind!


    1. great. this is exactly the kind of feedback i am looking for. new version coming soon. no image loading for non-scene items yet, but you can set them temporarily. picking nice colors is really hard. i really dont want it to look like a cake. lol. suggest a color for the offensive bar? both stars and websites have aliasing.


      1. My vote would be for either a blue-gray, gray, or a brown. With the exception of that single bar, your color scheme looks great to me. Looking forward to the newer iterations.


  3. Loving the look of the new version! Especially like the return of the all scenes view. Moving between pages is pretty slow for me. Takes about 15 seconds.

    Also when I go into category details view, there’s no way to go back. I have to close and reopen.

    Looking forward to updates on this version!


    1. the slowdown is PG getting the thumbnails for the new page. Are the drives your videos are on slow? The current limit is 100 items per page, on my system it’s pretty fast at paging but i have a fast setup. Can I ask what your goal is when paging? I have always figured that generally paging is not a useful operation.

      When a flyout is open, you can press escape to close it. Usually there is a little gap on the right side you can click to close, as well.


  4. I think the organization aspect is awesome. I’d focus on the aesthetic and customization more, since this is a visual media experience. If you had, outside of a primary photo for each item, background image when we go to the details page, and auto-generated thumbnails that incrementally play forward available that would be the next level. Emby is a good model for this. They also provide css input to customize the look. I know this is not a webapp but the ability to develop skins would be nice. Also custom metadata fields. I believe this is key. For the sake of example if “height” is not a field in actresses page, I should be able to add this field as the user. Fields that matter to every user will be different. Looking forward to seeing more of your great work.


    1. Also if you either monetized (I’d back it) this development process by putting it on patreon or something similar or made this an open source effort your job would be way easier, but that’s up to you to decide of course.


        1. Where? Just did a search and can’t find it. You need a nice button/banner/whatever so folks can see maybe? Please take mah money! :p


    2. dynamic metadata isn’t so hard to add, the problem is making it useful. if you can’t search on the dynamic information, its not so useful, and creating a dynamic search is pretty tough.


  5. One suggestion; when it comes to tagging, take a look at Adobe Lightroom. The software is split up in 3 parts. Input (SELECTING, RATING & TAGGING), Develop/Edit, Output. That first bit is very much of interest as they have clever UI ways and shortcuts for tagging. There are plenty of videos on that on YouTube.

    For me what is inportant is to be able to watch the Media Content one one side, and add tags when they occur. If those tags could (optionally) immediately have the right timestamp (not needed for all tags), would make it even handier.

    Anyway, love the progress, I truly believe less is more on this one. More comments later!


  6. Thespace between the sort button and added button is too far, unless you are super quick. One suggestion, if you are going to readd catagories under stars. THen please have them act as a filter. For example I have Sunny Lane as a star one of her catagories is swallow. Currently clicking on swallow brings me to all movies in that catagory, I think it should only bring me to Sunny Lane movies in that catagory.


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