save fix

if you added an item without an image, the item would not show up on the next PG load.

basically, if you didn’t have auto google image search enabled, it would seem like stuff wasn’t saving.  this update will fix that.

PGV3.exe version: 3.14.6101.33703

4 thoughts on “save fix

  1. Program crashes when I add an alias to a website..
    Btw is it possible to have the log persistent between runs? Then we could post logs when the program crashes.


  2. This version and the previous version permanently hang on the LOADING… screen. After all the green checkmarks show up, nothing else happens. The program doesnt appear to be frozen, as I can still interact freely with the window (minimize, move around, full screen).

    & Thanks for your work – loving the updates !!


    1. I have the same problem, is this related to database size? I have about 12000 scenes catalogued.

      Good to see that you are back in active development 🙂


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