crash and live preview fixes

i cleaned up a crash that had to do with closing a flyout while your mouse is over a scene tile behind the flyout triggering live preview behavior that was blowing up.

to get live preview working, it seems like for now at least you will need an extra .dll file beside the PG exe. download here: NReco.VideoConverter.dll

to people having save issues

  1. make sure you are running an updated version. it is listed in the startup window in bottom right
  2. use SQLiteBrowser to navigate your database independently of PG.  this will allow you to verify what is and isn’t being saved, or perhaps just not being displayed for whatever reason

this also fixes item Rating not saving properly.

PGV3 version: 3.15.6103.32287


12 thoughts on “crash and live preview fixes

  1. Not able to add star
    remove all existing star from display from my DB
    try with new db same problem

    same proble as EndlessD
    September 16, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    PGV3 version: 3.15.6103.32287


  2. I’d like to see a way to google search for a new image for existing stars, categories, etc.
    And I’m also missing the ability to create new stars, categories, etc. directly from the tagging interface.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Create playlist doesn’t seem to work. I press it and first starts about 5 second previews, then after I try to close out of VLC more windows keep opening till my computer freezes. I make sure to select one instance of VLC opens in settings.
    I have another question maybe I missed this, when adding categories or stars I have to go through a list, is there a way to type them in. Also does PG still parse from titles and folder location?


      1. Once I start typing in combo box (details) in The star field I’ll type A and the first a will show up, then I type R the next letter in the name,but it skips to first name with R. Is there a way to get it to to “Ar” and the rest of the name.
        Suggestion on top left of fly out window a close arrow, or have escape close. Thank-you for adding confirmation of scene removal.


  4. Thank you, the Rating works again now! Also the Live-Preview. Organize Tag still does not work of course. It worked in the 14.09 Version… While the App is running the Tag works but it does not save it to the DB finally?


    1. Next big Problem – when i go to the Stars Category, there comes no Content. It shows just a white Page without Content? It does not say that “There’s nothing here” Thing… only a white Page.


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