loading improvements and more

  • loading change to hopefully alleviate the stall people are seeing.  i also recommend you delete your settings folders located C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\PGV3.
  • ffmpeg converter implemented
  • wmvs mkv mov avi should now get thumbnails
  • hover over a scene for live preview
  • file exists filter
  • alias saving
  • delete scene button works, careful now
  • alpha playlist support


PGV3.exe version 3.15.6102.39668


15 thoughts on “loading improvements and more

  1. When i mark the Scenes as Organized, after a restart of the App it is all again marked as Unorganized… Also the Stars are not saved…. Must i create a new DB? Maybe it is better not release a new Version so fast… again so much broken in this Version 😦


    1. the organized tag doesn’t actually do anything yet. i should disable it.

      there shouldn’t be an issue with stars, i am starting/maintaining a new database and haven’t had any issues, but i will double check.

      i release the app because you guys are my bug testers. thanks 😀


      1. I think it is a good Feature. When i Add a Folder with new Scenes that are not Organized and has no Tags/Stars etc, i can activate the Filter and it Show me all unorganized Files. I can organize them File for File and then mark them and they are not anymore in the List. I really like this Feature, pls don’t remove it. Or is there any other Feature that only show me unorganized Scenes?

        Maybe my Databes is broken now, it was v14 Format. But when i set the Stars now and mark them as organized, both are gone after restarting the App.

        Oh okay, than i hope Feedback is really welcome.. 😉


        1. Must be the App, not the Database with this Rating-Thing. Created a new DB, added 1 Scene and ratet it for 3 Stars. Closed the App, started it again and the Stars are greyed out. It does not saved the 3 Stars. The Favorit-Heart will be saved, this works.


  2. Downlaoded this Version but some of my Scenes does not have a Preview-Image anymore. Hover Video-Preview does not work too. Also all my Scenes are marked as Unorganized after openig the DB with this Version. Deleted the Folder in AppData/Local but still not working… 😦


      1. In the latest Version from 14.09 the Preview-Images worked fine. When i use this Version, i see Thumbnails for every Video or most every Video. But in the new Version from today about the half of the Videos has no Thumbnail. Or it have one but when i hover over it, it is gone and removes with the Graphic when no Preview is found.


  3. I still have delay in opening there is a pause during loading scenes and green check mark. Live preview does not work, Thumbnails not working for other file types. Create playlist opens windows for hundreds of scenes. I don’t have an app data folder.I have downloaded the upgrade twice, still have same issue. I deleted the first before trying the second.


    1. is there just a delay, or is it not loading?

      it is still doing lots of stuff behind the scenes, even if all the checkmarks are green.

      downloading the same file multiple times won’t change anything.


  4. 1. Program is starting up fine now. Thanks! Thanks also for the file exists filter, been waiting for that!
    2. Live preview not working at all for me… Hover over a scene and nothing happens.
    3. Just opening the alias editing dialog now crashes the program for me.
    4. I wanted to try the playlist create function so I pressed it on scene view. It started to load 100s/1000s of scenes in a vlc playlist. It was taking a while so I closed it. It then started to load up 100s of separate vlc windows! Obviously computer crashed. I don’t think Ill go near that button for a while…


    1. I’m also getting much more frequent crashes with this version. It seems to be when I open the flyout, sometimes, not always. When this happens, there doesnt seem to be a scene image in the flyout, maybe its something to do with that.

      It also seems to crash sometimes when i hover over a scene in the flyout. Perhaps something to do with the live preview not working.


  5. Ah, I was wondering if that was just me. When deleting the exe and redownloading didn’t help I had to go hunting around for the PGV3 folder in AppData. Glad to see it’s fixed. Also, LOVE that you added Live Preview. Felt like I kept forgetting it wasn’t there anymore and being frustrated when I would hover and nothing would happen…


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