stars fix

  • stars page fix
  • ability to add new tags from scene flyout
  • category image will now pick a random bookmark and fetch the image
  • live preview performance improvements
  • playlist always worked (i think), you just need to select VLC or MPC in settings.  if you left default player selected, all the playlist enqueues would just launch new instances.  i actually had a check in there, but it was failing. button should now be disabled until non-default player is selected
  • bookmark thumbnails
  • flyout scenes listing now filters properly
  • organized tag now saved to db (requires db update, back up your stuff)
  • prolly more, dont remember


PGV3.exe version 3.16.6104.39689

if you havent yet, download this dll and put it in same folder as the pgv3 exe to enable live previews NReco.VideoConverter.dll

13 thoughts on “stars fix

  1. Can you please add these two feature
    1. hide the video which are already watched
    2. able to start from where you left off rather then begin from begging but not hide the video because it has not been fully watched.


    1. how do i know if a video is already watched? you can use the scene search filters to remove items that have been played before.

      i have no control of the video player once it is started. if you for example fast forwarded, i would not be able to tell. therefore i am unable to implement this feature.


  2. can you make sure to preserve the function that you can start a video at a bookmarked spot. That is one of my favorite features of 1.0…

    Also any screen shots?


  3. Okay here is a weird problem. I am adding details to scenes after about 4 or 5 the details won’t show up. So I close out and reopen PG. The first time I did this the details were there. The next couple of times they were not there but I was able to add them. Strange huh?


  4. Set path for VLC set as default VLC picked a star then playlist crashed, restarted double checked VLC settings selected category then playlist crashed again. One more thing very minor in settings change name on file also change name on disk can not be checked. Thank you


  5. Very nice, thank you for the Update. Stars working now and also the Organize-Tag! But i found something, where i don’t know if it is a Bug – when you open a Star Detail-Flyout, the Picture-Quality on the Left is extreme poor. Looks like a 200×80 Pixel Image is scaled up to 2000×800 or something like this. Maybe a little exaggerating but this was not on the last 16.09 Version. It just look blurry and pixilated.

    For now the only “Bug” i can found 🙂


      1. thats the Problem – i use only own Pictures, i don’t use the Google Search Feature. All my Stars-Images are 570x800px. In the last Version everything looked good but now this Resolution looks like a Thumb-Nail scaled to this Size. It is only in the Fly-Out. On the Stars-Tab and the Hover-Image everything is nice. But when i open the Detail Flyout, the Picture on the Left ist scaled up.


        1. Here you can see what i mean: i put in the original Test-Image for this Screenshot on the right side in the original Resolution. On the left you can see that very poor Image resized and blurred.

          You see it on the letters for example.


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