sneak peek

new home page sneak peek

not quite ready yet. thoughts?  its currently showing new items.  in the future i could let you choose what to sort on and show


7 thoughts on “sneak peek

  1. Looks great. Is it customisable?
    What shows in the boxes, is it the newest/recently updated scenes/stars etc?

    Might be nice to have an option to show random scenes. With a refresh button to randomize again. It’s a good way to discover older unwatched scenes when you can’t decide what you want to watch.


  2. I agree, it looks very nice.

    I have been mulling over a file data matching feature as a sort of first-step to a scraper. The main problem is the formats that the files come in, whether they are strictly a number based system that maps to a release (like from most distribution sites) or they are download friendly replacing spaces with periods or dashes.

    I am sure the best way to get there. If we were to do it straight away it would take a table to match expected filenames with series, DVD, and scene IDs. The problem with this method is that right now people are populating the tables themselves, of course, the IDs wouldn’t match unless we create a centralized database, which I don’t mind doing, as I have been collecting this information, including categories since I found pornganizer.

    Perhaps instead I could try and make a scrapper that can map the expected filenames to iafd or adultfilmdatabase, that creates something that Pornganizer can read/import? Problem is I have little experience with scrapers.


  3. Looks very nice! I think you already matched all Things that should Show on a Home-Screen. But another Idea or Question is do you plan to translate your Program to other Languages? When you have plans for this, i would help you with English -> German Translation 😉


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