new home page + loading fix

  • new home page. shows the newest stuff added to your collection.  customization options in a future version
  • if you get stuck on the loading screen, a button should now appear to force transition to next page
  • alias fixes for stars and websites
  • categories with no bookmarks now have a plus button
  • scenes now have a splooge counter
  • new setting to prevent scenes from being renamed on import
  • changed PG to be more memory hungry re: thumbnails, but improves performance. there is a new setting to revert to previous behavior should you wish
  • probably more i don’t remember


PGV3.exe version 3.17.6113.40584

58 thoughts on “new home page + loading fix

  1. I have win 8.1 and can’t install PGV3 software. When I click on .exe file nothing happens and don’t get any errors. Only in task manager I can see, that .exe file shows for split second after I run it, but immediately status changes into “suspended” and it disappears. I tried to turn off my antivirus program, make exceptions with windows firewall and defender, but It didn’t helped. I don’t have any problems with another executable files. Windows is up to date.


  2. A few bugs & feature requests.

    1. my mkv files don’t generate thumbnails.
    2. my thumbnails don’t cycle through the frames.

    Also, is there any way tags can be found in the complete PATH of a file? All my videos are renamed and the filename doesn’t contain the website tag anymore, but the folder path does.


      1. I have a ffmpeg.exe in my PGV3 folder. Where do I get the ffmpeg.dll and where do I put it?

        Sorry, but I’ve downloaded the dll and put it in the PGV3 folder but it doesn’t work?


  3. Just wondering how I’d go about using the Google image search to replace the images that I used in version 2. I’ve tried deleting the paths but that hasn’t worked. It only seems to use the image search when I create a new star.


            1. i don’t understand what you are trying to do. if you have existing images from v2 you want to re-use, go to settings and hit the export images button. if you want to google for images, then yeah, you have to hit the button on each star.


  4. Excellent work. Just some comments. You probably already know about them but just in case here it goes.

    Cannot drag a picture into a category… Seem to need to save it to disk and then use file browser. Would be great if like stars you could drag picture from web.

    Search by title is an important feature that does not seem to be available in V3. Trying to organize a large collection would be very difficult unless you could narrow the collection with a key word and then select a bunch to label.

    Many of the video files do not show a thumnail and the log files show this….

    [1] Couldn’t get thumbnail for _____[path removed for post]_____
    System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form.
    at System.IO.Path.NormalizePath(String path, Boolean fullCheck, Int32 maxPathLength, Boolean expandShortPaths)
    at System.IO.Path.GetFullPathInternal(String path)
    at System.IO.File.InternalGetLastWriteTimeUtc(String path, Boolean checkHost)
    at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.EnsureFFMpegLibs()
    at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.ConvertMedia(Media input, Media output, ConvertSettings settings)
    at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.GetVideoThumbnail(String inputFile, Stream outputJpegStream, Nullable`1 frameTime)
    at PGV3.View_Models.Items.SceneVm.GetThumbnail()


    1. category images shouldn’t be any different than dvds, stars, or websites. i am not having any problems on my end, at least with the latest version.

      if you drop down the advanced search options with the magnifying glass in the bottom left, one of the search options is by name

      the thumbnail generation is definitely one of the trickiest parts of PG, but i thought i had good handle on it. i have a pretty big library and everything seems to be working ok. the odd exception is when files are just actually corrupt somehow. can you do a little investigative work and try and identify a pattern in videos you have that do not get a thumbnail? make sure you have the nreco dll downloaded.


  5. Loving the cycle image feature, I just discovered it. Any way to prefer higher res pictures? Or is that a setting in the custom search API i will have to change?

    Also, if you add too many aliases for a website, it hides the aliases button and you cant add any more. Can you have it wrap around onto the next line?


        1. either your version or the one i am working on now is changed to default to “large” images, but you don’t get too much control over search results. you get a subset of the standard image “Search Tools”


  6. I tested it again, You are right, the Edit Title works but with one problem and because of that i thought it does not work. It ignores Capitalization on changing Names. For example, when i enter a wrong Name like “MAria” and i will Change it to “Maria”, it does not work. Only when i change a Letter or Add something it will be changed. “MAria” stays as “MAria”.

    I try to reproduce the Flyout closing next time. It happens only sometimes.

    Oh okay, right, i didn’t see the Duplicate Warning in the right Bottom. Like i said, a little warning Popup may be better for this.


    1. I think i was able to reproduce the Flyout closing – look like it happens when i choose the JPEG File in the File Dialog with Double Click. When i click it once and use the Button to choose the File, the Flyout stays open. Tried it 3 Times with Double Click and it closed every time again. But One Click does work.


  7. Hi,
    Thank you for the work.

    few new things if you can add.
    1. Able to add category, star to dvd’s without having any scene
    2. save settings into database rather then in appdata

    I am able to add all of the dvd and star to my blank database but not able to assign any category or star.


  8. One thought on the splooge counter would be a quick way to create a bookmark in the scene tied somehow to the spooge. I know that PGV does not know where you were in the movie because it just launches the video, but via an easiy manual process, the concept of being able to launch a scene to 30 seconds before a previous splooge seems like an interesting concept


  9. Is there any way to easily transfer photos from PGV1 to PGV3? I cannot see a way to copy the image out of PGV1 which means that I would need to look online to find those same images. Am I missing an easier way? If not, is there a way to extract the images files out of the PGV1 database file?


    1. You can export images from v2 to v3, but not from v1. Sorry :/ one painful option is to update from v1 to v2. If you have any programming knowledge it’s not too hard to read out the images and write them to disk


  10. Just wanted to say thanks for adding the feature I requested so quickly 😀

    I’ve found a bug when trying to relocate files using the “find on disk” option, it doesn’t appear to save the new path after closing and reopening.


  11. New Problem. I have a folder containing 42 scenes. Dragged and dropped folder and only 8 scenes were added. I don’t see a problem with scenes not added. all are .wmv, and play directly through VLC. Tried adding just one and nothing happened. Here is the log, the duplicates are the 8 that were added.


        1. I have tried
          Deleting appdata
          Shortening name/path
          Unblocking each video
          Restarting computer
          moving folder to a diffrent drive
          None of the above worked.
          I don’t think it’s a PG problem, so don’t sweat it.


    1. I had the same Problem, can you start it with Admin Rights (Rightclick -> Run as admin)? If yes, is will be the same Problem as mine. But with Admin Rights you cannot Drag and Drop Files into the Application window. The only Solution for me was to reinstall my complete Windows 10.


    2. Sucks man. I really don’t know how to debug this remotely. Maybe your .net install is bad. Maybe do a repair and make sure your OS is fully updated. You can also check the windows event log, maybe there is something in there


      1. I had same problem. It was my antivirus software which was blocking the application to run.

        If you temporary disable the antivirus software you will see it works fine.


      1. I use Avira Free Anti Virus and it ignores my PGV3. Before i reinstalled my Windows 10 i did not use any Anti-Virus. But maybe that was the Reason why it does not work. Maybe a Virus or Malware. After Reinstall it worked fine. Now i use Anti Virus and it is still working.


  12. Excellent update. One of my favorite new features is the “Clean scene names on import” checkbox. I’m pretty meticulous about naming my files so it’s nice to have the option now to leave the filenames untouched. Keep up the great work!


          1. That sounds like a even better idea.

            Now the only feature I’d want is a counter for each star that counts how many scenes I have of them. Like how scenes now count how many times you’ve clicked the scene in the bottom right corner of that scene.


  13. The Performance for this Version is definitely better. Everything loads faster. Really like this. Homescreen is nice, but need some improvements. On Fullscreen (1080p), the Interface does not scale up. Everything Looks very small and centered in the Window. And i don’t really like this About-Box on the Bottom of the Homescreen with Twitter and Donationinformation. It look a little bit intrusive for me but i think this is my personal opinion. I prever more the About-Tab with that Informations.


      1. Of Course, not all look at the About Page i think. But maybe just little Icons in the Top right Corner on every Page would be less intrusive.

        I found some other “Bugs”:

        Stars can not be renamed. The Edit Title Button does not work. The Title/Name does not Change.
        The Auto-Tag Function for Stars work not properly, as example i add a Star named “Alia”, all Scenes added correctly but when there is a Star that contains a part of this Name, for example “Lia”, it will also tagged to all Scenes with Alia.
        Sometimes the Star Flyout Closes itself after i added a Picture. Not a big deal but sometimes it happens.

        Maybe there will be a Function nice for Duplicate Star/Scene Names. Just a Error Message will be enough. When i have many Stars and i add it, i must search first for the Star where it is and sometimes it already exist and i don’t find it. For that Reason it would be nice that the Star-Flyout opens automatically after adding a new Star. If Star already exist -> Error Message or maybe a Option to choose a new Name.


        1. i am able to edit star names just fine, cannot replicate your issue. use SQLite Browser to confirm database changes done by PG.

          fix for the Alia/Lia case in next version

          i cant reproduce the star flyout closing. maybe it has something to do with the image you are using? i need a case i can replicate to fix it.

          PG already does dupe checks when you add an item. it should display if an item was a duplicate in bottom right and in log. you can’t add a new star with a name that already exists in your stars list.


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