sexified home page + more

  • spruced up the homepage a bit
  • categories, dvds, stars, websites now have splooges, length, size, plays based on their scenes
  • autotagger fixes, let me know if you notice any issues
  • aliases now wrap
  • flyout redesign, much of the content is now hidden by default in an expander
  • folders tab working. it can be a bit laggy to expand a folder with many sub folders.
  • BETA right click a folder to rename it.  this will rename the folder on disk, and update all the paths in PG of scenes in that folder to match.  please be careful with this, it is new and relatively untested.BETA
  • clean scene names checkbox properly loads previous value
  • favorited and runner upped dates should save properly
  • playlist fixes
  • dashboard shows warnings when no google API is set or nreco dll is missing
  • rename on disk setting is now obeyed when manually renaming a scene
  • BETA scene organize button functionality relevant code.  this button will scan your folders for names that match a scenes categories, stars, or websites.  if it finds a match, it moves the scene to the folder and update the path.  currently, it will prioritize websites, then stars, then categories. when moving the file, it uses the windows move UI.  if you cancel the move operation, the path in PG will not change.BETA

enjoy. dont forget to backup your database.

PGV3.exe version 3.17.6117.33451

edit: if you have trouble starting PG, try disabling your anti-virus.

19 thoughts on “sexified home page + more

  1. downloaded this version and added some scenes. Everything is working fine so far, except for the home screen. It look a little bit broken. Can any one confirm that?


  2. Same here. Last update worked. Can’t get this version to launch. Launching as admin or without. Disabling anti virus didn’t do anything.


  3. new update not working for me disable AVG antivirus, but nothing happen no error message .

    I try to put it on exeption in AVG without any luck Try run has administrator

    i have windows 10 64bit

    any suggestion



    1. So you double click the exe, and nothing happens? If so, you’ll need to check windows event logs and see if there is a useful error.
      edit: are you saying it worked before this, but now doesn’t? please be very clear and specific.


  4. The Case Problem is still the same like the last Version, also tested it with Star Names. Again the Gloria Example. Gloria already exist in DB, added a new Star named Loria and all Scenes from Gloria tagged to Loria…

    Sorry for the spam… just try to help…


  5. Oh okay that wrong tagged Categories are only temporal?! After Restarting PGV everything is fine again with the Categories and they are removed.


  6. The Case Problem is really annoying, it mess up the whole DB. When that wrong Tagging happens when i Add a Star, all Categories added to this Star from that Scenes too. I can remove the wrong connected Scenes but the Categories does not refresh, they are still there :/


  7. Found one more Problem – the Star Name Case still does not work. When i add a Star named “Grace” and there a Scenes in DB with the word “Disgrace” in the Title, it will be added to the new Grace Star.


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