stupid commas

well it turns out in some less civilized parts of the world, they use commas as decimal points instead of periods, and hey, guess what, that makes stuff blow up.

PGV3.exe version 3.17.6118.23869Ā (updated with auto tagger fixes)

please make sure the version you download matches the version listed here. the last version was actually incorrect and no one noticed šŸ˜¦

29 thoughts on “stupid commas

  1. “less civilized parts of the world”? I guess you must be from the US. The same part of the world that uses imperial units? lmfao


  2. When adding New Catagories, Stars, and websites from scene view, it would be nice to have the opyion of adding to whatever scene your on. Now you have to go back to the scene and open up the list. I am one for less steps the better.


  3. Hey, awesome Software! I’ve got a problem though that the Settings don’t save after a restart. Any Idea how I could fix this?

    And is there any way to automatically load the last used database?


      1. The “Automatically download images” and “Automatically tag new scenes” Settings. But I guess they only matter if I had a Google API Key (which I don’t).

        The latest Update fixed some crashes for me when launching VLC! Thanks again for the development of this tool!


  4. Was working fine for me for a hour or so, then crashed when I double clicked on a video. After several PG and system restarts, the problem persists. Immediate crash after double-clicking to play a video.


  5. Some of my videos aren’t recognized by the program, i have an Evil Angel folder with 246 videos and the programa only recognize 30 of them, plus this update crashes at startup in Windows 7 SP1

    Sorry the english


    1. Can you start a new database, and try to drag in one of the problem videos? You will need to do some investigation and try and figure out what is special about the videos that won’t add. There is not information in your post for me to help more.

      If the program is crashing on startup, you will need to open “event viewer” and find application logs that show error information for pgv3


      1. Looks like a problem with some videos only but ‘ill ignore some of them for now, i create a new database and the 3 biggest folders i have ( evil angel, elegant angel and julesjordanvideo, 1042 videos all .mp4 1280×720 added without a problem now, i guess i’ll add only this three folders to the program.

        One more thing, i can’t select the option to rename the files on disk after rename them on the program, it’s a bug ?

        Thx for your hard work, pornganizer is really amazing


    2. I have had the same problem. Nothing showed up in logs. I noticed it in a couple of more folders too. It was 2 out of 150 so I don’t know which ones ( as I was only loading them to use live preview in deciding to keep or delete them) if we can link or upload a scene would that help?


      1. PG only recognizes the following file types as movies: “.flv”, “.avi”, “.mp4”, “.divx”, “.wmv”, “.f4v”, “.mov”, “.m4v”, “.mpg”, “.mpeg”, “.mkv”, “.m4v”, “.ogm”


        1. this is the log of a .wmv scene that won’t load one of my original 3.
          [1] Database Exists: C:\Users\bob\Documents\pg_db.db
          [15] Getting Counts
          [6] Loading Scenes
          [6] Scenes Loaded
          [4] Stars Loaded
          [7] DVDs Loaded
          [14] Categories Loaded
          [15] Websites Loaded
          [1] Examining 1 potential Scene


  6. I know you must have missed me šŸ™‚ I finished the purge and I am now organizing my collection. What is the best way to set up a path name to maximize PG’s tagging. If it matters I have 4HDD I can use and name.


  7. No, i mean that “Gloria” and “Lori” example. When i have alreade a “Gloria” and add a “Lori” which is contained in G”Lori”a, all Scenes from Gloria are automatically tagged to the new Lori. But it look like it does not work anymore? I have activated the “Automatically Tag new Scenes” but now the Star is not connected to this new Scenes? It worked in the last Version but now it no longer works.

    No tested it again before i post this. Example “Marta” already exist and i add a Scene which containts Marta in the Path for the File but the Star is no longer added automatically.


    1. if i have a star called Gloria, and add the movie “C:\Users\name\Downloads\”, gloria is added to the scene automatically with the latest version

      can you double check?


      1. Checked this again, it detects Gloria, when it is contained in the Filename. Like in your example. But in the Folderpath like /Videos/Gloria/Video.mp4 it will be ignored. Maybe i’m wrong but i thought it worked in the last Version with the Path too.


          1. That Looks very good, finally šŸ™‚ Now everythink works fine, even the Gloria and Lori Case seems so work fine now…

            So for now, no more Bugs i have found… getting better with every Update.

            Only a few Little Things that can be better for my opinion. I still wish a Feature to Hide the DVD Area. Don’t have any DVD in my Collection, only Clips. So waste of Space for the empty DVD Tiles on the Homescreen and a useless Tab. A customizable Homescreen would be very cool. And maybe a localisation for other Languages. And i still wish a Button in the Scene Flyout for a Thumbnails.jpg File, that opens the JPEG in the Default Pictureviewer. I know i can set a custom Image File for a Scene but it replaces the Live-Preview of the Clip šŸ˜¦ But only small unimportant Things… šŸ™‚


  8. i noticed that the Version is incorrect, but i didn’t say it… i thought it is not important… šŸ˜€

    Have now the new Version aaaaaand the Homescreen is finally working! Thank you šŸ™‚ With this Version i got a 1 Error in the Log, looks like a Thumbnail can not be generated. But i think it is the fault of the File, it is a crappy old MPG File.

    Couldn’t get thumbnail for D:\XXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXX.mpg
    Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.ShellException (0x8001010E): Shell Exception has occurred, look at inner exception for information.
    bei Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.ShellThumbnail.GetHBitmap(Size size)
    bei Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.ShellThumbnail.GetBitmapSource(Size size)
    bei Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Shell.ShellThumbnail.get_LargeBitmapSource()
    bei PGV3.View_Models.Items.SceneVm.GetThumbnail()

    But over 400 Scenes now. 1 Error is not that big Thing…. i think it is the File itself. Did you Change anything else in this Version? Is the Name-Case for the Stars fixed now?


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