whats next

  • fancy tile tooltips
  • stars social media
  • some sort of multi-image support
  • tile gif support
  • dvd splitting
  • embedded video player in scene flyout
  • “descriptors”, new tag type meant for the types of categories that don’t really want a timestamp eg. outside, incest, rough. got a better name?
  • folder monitoring
  • auto scene rename by user created pattern eg. %star1, %star2 – %website –  %resolution
  • custom search filters saving/loading
  • a floating tile in the bottom right of the pg window showing the selected scene, would replicate the scene name in window header bar.
  • dedicated bookmarks tab
  • inherited categories + bookmarks.  so tagging a scene with “pov bj” would also tag it with “bj” and mirror any bookmarks added

i’m actually not sure what i should do next.  i haven’t started any of these things.  anyone have any ideas?

i’ve also created a discord server.  if you have bugs, suggestions, need help, check it out.


82 thoughts on “whats next

  1. Here’s some ideas from me:

    Look at pulling info for a scene/star by doing a lookup to data18.com (or some other online porn database, but most people seem to think data18 is the tops). It would be great to pull in all the info like that for a star automatically.

    Make a way to trigger the google image search again for a particular scene/star/category/etc – I just upgraded to the new V3 from V2, and I lost all my thumbnail images for stars and categories in the move. Would be nice to be able to trigger the lookup for these again manually without removing and re-adding, since that would also de-associate their references. This would apply for a data18 lookup too if you start using that


    1. i am not going to do any web scraping. if you, or anyone else wants to contribute some scraping code, i’ll drop it in 🙂

      the details flyout for stars and and what now has a “G” toggle that shows google image search results, you can right click and assign as thumbnail image from there.


  2. When adding a bookmark, it seem that the timestamp is not saved (written to DB), although the correct time is displayed once the time is confirmed by the user, If I click outside the scene view (to go back to the search page) and go to the same scene. The timestamp is gone, but the the category is still there.

    I have tried restarting PG, but still get the same result.


  3. I am still having trouble with thumbnails from wmv files and it occured to me that I do not know where I got all of the dll files from. When I first installed PG1.0 there was an installation package. This is not the case with PG3.x… so maybe my PG3 is using outdated supporting files….

    Where can a get a download of all of the files needed to run PG3.0 assuming that I never had 1.x?


    1. the only file “required” for PGV3 is the exe.

      the home tab of PGV3 provides download links to get any additional files you might need, such as the nreco dll to get thumbnails from wmv files (as well as live tile previews)


      1. I do not see the download links on the home screen. So I assume that PV3 did some sort of check to see if I have the necessary dll files already, which I did (but nreco is not working). I have tried to remove the nreco dll, but it does not re-check for it. Do you know where it is checking for the nreco dll so I can replace it (just in case I am moviing the wrong copy if there are two)?


        1. just isolate the PGV3.exe from any other old files you have. It doesn’t need anything to run, and having the old stuff beside it might cause issues. Put it in a new, empty folder for example.


          1. Hey thanks for sticking with me on this one. I finally figured it out. I could never get that copy of the exe to show that I needed to download a copy of the nreco dll on the home page. I could swear that it even recreated a copy of the ffmpeg.exe file after deleting both of the files during a relaunch but it only happened once and I did not try it again becuase the next step that I did fixed it… and I do not want to mess with success. What I did was downloaded PG3 to a virgin computer and it prompted me to download the nreco. I then copied the ffmpeg and nreco files on a flash drive to the problem computer and relaunched PG3. It now works and I did not even need to reload any wmv files. The thumbs are all just there.

            Again thanks for the help with this one. It was very frustrating.


  4. Help! I deleted a bunch of scenes, but only wanted to remove them, to rename folder. But now I can’t find the scenes they are not in my recycle bin. I ran a file recovery program but that couldn’t find them either. Any idea where to look?


  5. This one is very minor, meaning I am the only one with the issue. When adding details from the dropdown lists, the name of the list on the bottom (catagory, Star, website etc, is the same size and font on the list when I scroll quickly it looks likes it’s one of the items on the list. Maybe makie them slighly darger or bolder.


  6. I must be an idiot! Just venting here. I can not get the Google search to work. Following the walkthrough didn’t help because I already started projects. But could not find the Keys that I needed. So I deleted them. Now the site and the walk through seem diffrent. I am completely frustrated, as I have been working on this for days. Also having trouble getting walkthrough and Google both on the screen to where I can see them both completely. I will continue to get Star images manually from IAFD, or VLC Snap. One note on the walkthrough Make a link to the first page. The URL it shows is for your project.


  7. The folder search-filter option (in Scene-view) is not working. It is not displaying the folder that are displayed in the Folder-view.


  8. And ANOTHER bug.

    If your files are named the same filename but in DIFFERENT folders, it won’t import the second file at all.
    This causes problems if you have DVD folders with the files named: “scene 1.avi, scene 2.avi, scene 3.avi” etc.

    It will also not import all your files if you have DVD’s with the pornstar name as the filename, eg “Teagan Presley.avi”


    1. i’ve removed the name constraint from the unique check for scenes. i think it was leftover from early development.

      you’ll need to provide a more clear example of your teagan presley issue


      1. What I mean by “Teagan Presley” is a lot of the DVDRips out today are renamed with the pornstar name as the filename.

        So that means there can be a lot of files with the same name, and even though they aren’t in the same directory, PGV3 thinks it’s a duplicate and therefore won’t import some of your files.

        But it sounds like you’ve already fixed the bug… now we just need a quick update exe ;P


  9. Another bug. If the DVD title has the word “cover” in it, it won’t import the DVD.

    Try to import a title called “Oil Covered Asses” and you will see what I mean. It won’t work.
    “Oil Hovered Asses” works.

    Maybe remove the “Cover.jpg” code as it’s doing screwy things…. we can all just use “Poster.jpg”
    If “Folder.jpg” could be supported, all the better!


      1. You sure? I did not mean when clicking the “+” icon and typing “Oil Hovered Asses”.. I tested now and that definitely works as expected.

        However, When you have a FOLDER named like that and drag it to the DVD Section, it does not import. If that is what you did and it works, just negate this message.


  10. Hmmm… I found the bug and a way to reproduce it.

    If the folder name has “[HD]” in it, for example “Backdoor Sluts 9 [HD]” then it doesn’t link the DVD with the scenes and the flyout comes out empty. “Backdoor Sluts 9” works as expected.

    Also, if you have BOTH the “Poster.jpg” and “Cover.jpg” images in a directory, that DVD will not add at all. I realized this as I has a “poster.jpg” file and a “boxcover.jpg” in one directory. (Yes, just having another file with the word “cover” it in somewhere will trigger this)

    Your bugs are really difficult to figure out because they don’t make any sense lol


    1. good find. this is happening because the autotagger was comparing the beautified version of the dvd name ‘Backdoor Sluts 9 HD’ against the path of file, which is ‘..\Backdoor sluts 9 [HD]\..’ and not finding a match. i’ve added ‘HD” to the list of thing to be stripped from a title when imported to PG.

      potentialItem.ImagePath = directoryFiles.SingleOrDefault(x => !x.ToUpper().Contains(“BACK”) && x.ToUpper().Contains(“COVER”) || x.ToUpper().Contains(“POSTER”));

      this is the line of code that was blowing up if you had multiple image files. ive changed SingleOrDefault to FirstOrDefault. not really sure how to prioritize the images found.


  11. There’s something wrong with DVD adding.

    When I add my DVD’s they all get imported properly, but once imported when I click on the DVD the flyout has no scenes in it.

    If I add one title it works, but If I drag like 70 then it starts to do this, leaving 30% of my DVD flyouts empty.


    1. i have a new, empty database. i add a star called ‘Gloria’.
      i then drag in a scene with the following path:
      the movie is tagged with Gloria


      1. Also in my case the naming path is “C:\videos\[siteName] Nekane_titleOfVideo.mp4”,
        so the name of the star is not actually a folder.


  12. Renaming a Star has no effect on the parser. I.e if you created the star “Aleta Ocean” and renamed it to “Aletta Ocean”, no videos will be added to the new star even though there are many scenes containing the new string.

    Also, pls fix it so that if I search after scenes withouth any stars (actress), and if I then create a star, the Scenes-search should no longer display the result of those videos. (Update the search result whenever a new star is added or something like so).


    1. next version will trigger the auto tagging on a rename.

      as far as refreshing search results, since you can search on so many things, there are a ton of events that could potentially cause a refresh. if you have a lot of content, it can cause a few seconds of lag. i dunno about this one, for now.


  13. For descriptors how about Genre, Catagory, (sex) act, fetish? In your POV BJ example, how would you stop all POVs from also being BJ/. I have 2catagories Tease and Denial, and Tease. These are 2 completely diffrent things, so I would not want them crossed match.
    I would also like to see if you add something that already exists, some kind of warning. I mean for non scenes.


    1. you’ll make your own descriptors just like you do everything else.

      you wouldn’t stop it. you would manually assign that you wanted all pov bj to also be bj, and then it would happen every time

      there is a notice in the bottom right, but really, why does it matter?


      1. Masturbation; Aliases Solo, Anal sex, butt sex, ass sex, etc. My favorite Catagory is JOI, also seen as JOE sometimes spellled out jack off instruction, Jack off encouragement, and Wanking. I hope that explains it.


  14. My preferences for next things to work on would be folder monitoring, and auto rename.
    Id like to get a really good workflow down first!
    Also the built-in video player in the flyout would be great too.

    Great work on this so far by the way. Version 3 is exceeding all expectations!


    1. Just a thought for the auto rename – I think you might need to add a title field? I.e. ℅star1, ℅star2 – ℅title
      A lot of single scenes have titles which would need to go in the filename.


  15. Not getting thumbnails for wmv with v3.17.6113.40584

    The following error log is produced:

    [1] Couldn’t get thumbnail for C:\XXX\XXXXXXXXXXX.wmv
    System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form.
    at System.IO.Path.NormalizePath(String path, Boolean fullCheck, Int32 maxPathLength, Boolean expandShortPaths)
    at System.IO.Path.GetFullPathInternal(String path)
    at System.IO.File.InternalGetLastWriteTimeUtc(String path, Boolean checkHost)
    at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.EnsureFFMpegLibs()
    at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.ConvertMedia(Media input, Media output, ConvertSettings settings)
    at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.GetVideoThumbnail(String inputFile, Stream outputJpegStream, Nullable`1 frameTime)
    at PGV3.View_Models.Items.SceneVm.GetThumbnail()

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?


      1. No special characters:


        I added spaces to see if it was a character limit. Still didn’t work.
        I changed the name to see if the database eliminates spaces anyway and would not reimport a previously “removed” file. No success.

        Thought this might be a clue: maxPathLength
        shortened name… no luck.

        “deleted” file all together. then copied back into folder and re imported.. no luck.

        This is just one example but it happened to all of my .wmv files

        Could it be a codec that handles wmv I need to update. Any thoughts.

        [12] Couldn’t get thumbnail for X:\LQ1\WowPornLeggyQueenAnjelica720p.wmv
        System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form.
        at System.IO.Path.NormalizePath(String path, Boolean fullCheck, Int32 maxPathLength, Boolean expandShortPaths)
        at System.IO.Path.GetFullPathInternal(String path)
        at System.IO.File.InternalGetLastWriteTimeUtc(String path, Boolean checkHost)
        at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.EnsureFFMpegLibs()
        at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.ConvertMedia(Media input, Media output, ConvertSettings settings)
        at NReco.VideoConverter.FFMpegConverter.GetVideoThumbnail(String inputFile, Stream outputJpegStream, Nullable`1 frameTime)
        at PGV3.View_Models.Items.SceneVm.GetThumbnail()


        1. not sure at this point. the error is coming out of the nreco dll, so it’s out of my hands. there must be something special about either the wmv’s themselves, or where they are stored. i am able to thumbnail my own wmv’s with no issues. make sure your windows is fully udpated, and then maybe try adding a problem wmv in a new location to a brand new database and see if the problem persists.


          1. What is the size of your nreco dll? And where is it located (same folder as app or with other dlls )?I downloaded a new copy of the dll and still not working.


  16. Some more Ideas from me for you:

    – more Haircolors, Hair Length (maybe u can create a Field for own Color Presets with Hex-Codes or something?)
    – maybe more Starinfos for someones, Piercings, Tattoos and stuff like this…
    – a Counter how much Scenes in the Categorys are… i mean in the Overview
    – the same for the Stars Tab. A Counter how many Scenes this Star is in
    – a Function to add ADDITIONAL Imagesets for a Scene. Not a Image for the Preview, just a Picsetlink the the Folder
    – maybe add a Function to add one then more Picture local for a Model. Maybe choose a Picfolder instead of a JPEG.
    – a personal wish – add Option to hide the DVD Tiles at the Homescreen and/or add Favorit-Scenes Tiles instead.
    – maybe a bit to much but would be cool – a Cropfunction for Model/Scene Pictures where new JPG is saved separately
    – Batchmethod to replace the Folderpath for a set of Scenes. Example
    Find and Replace all Scenes with /Webpage Adress 1/Scenes/ to /Webpage Adress 2/Scenes
    – a better Sortmethod for the Stars, when you choose A-Z Sortmethod. Like this:

    Alhia – Amber – Aiden

    Bella – Beata – Bianca

    And so on… maybe the same for the Datessortmethod…

    Added on [Date]:
    Alhia – Beata

    Added on [Date]:

    When i found more Ideas, i will post it 😉


    1. Give me a list of colours you want and I will add them. Hair length is a weird one to me because it can change scene by scene, no?

      For tattoos and piercings, you just want yes/no?

      When you open a flyout for example of a star, the scene count is listed at the bottom. But yeah it’s not anywhere on the overview because it’s not information that is known until you open the flyout.

      Yeah I’d like to add image support, but I just don’t collect images so it’s hard for me to put together a nice design.

      Customized home page is on my list.

      You can rename a folder in the folders view. This will fix the paths of all the scenes in that folder as well.

      I can’t do grouping of the tiles. But I could add an alphabet filter.


      1. Haircolors i looked in my DB which ones are missing for me – Green, Purple, Blue, Pink. Okay, that is right, it may Change from Scene to Scene. But it could be an optional Function.

        I think Tattoos there is only yes/no usable. Piercing can be more detailed. Maybe a little list with Multi Checkboxes? Maybe Eyebrow, Nose, Mouth, Breast, Pussy, Other etc.

        Yes i know, i mean only the Overview. The would be a Counter unter the Picture nice in that Row where the Favorit Heart is. But technically hard to do?

        I think there is some space under the Picture of the Star. Maybe a little Thumbnail View. And the Picture is showed bigger on hovering the Thumbnail instead of the Star Image. To get more Space for that, maybe you can Move the Star Name to the Row where the Buttons and Rating-Stars are. Put that Elemts to the Right, the Name of Star to the Left and the Star Picture a little bit Higher. But that a just Ideas of Course… i think difficult would be to set a Star Picture AND a Folder. Or just a Slideshow of Pictures, when a Folder is set for a Star? When you don’t understand what i try to say (because of my shitty english) i can Play a little bit with Photoshop for a nice Layout and if you interested in this Function.

        Alphabet Filter would be nice when that Grouping does not work. Would make Things a little bit easier…


          1. Yes I like this idea a lot plus I would like a bio of the stars listed on this page. Name, dob, breast size, fake or real, hair color, tatooes, ethnicity, height and weight. So far looking good.


            1. Some of that Things are already possible.

              I found another Bug i think …. when i Change the Scenetitle from example “Modelname Scenename” to “Modelname – Scenename”, so i add just an “-” and after that i add a new Category, the Title is resetted back to the first Name. So the “-” vanished? Whats that? 😀


              1. The Piercing/Tatoo Feature sounds really nice!! Please add Belly and Beck to ENDLESSD List. a multi-haircolor or colored/nature hair color swtich would be nice?


          2. Ok thanks for the mockup. Some issues. What if they have no images? What do I put there. What if they only have 1 image? What if they have more then 6? How do you set the images?


            1. Maybe a blank Space, when there are no (more) Pictures? When more than six, that could be a Problem. Maybe only Support for up to 6 Pictures? Or can you make that space scrollable? I think another Problem might be the Aspectratio of the Pictures. Horizontal Pictures are wider then Vertical. If there are more then six, i would say randomize which Pictures are showed. Another way would be to create a clickable Icon with a + to Add a new Picture. But very much work, when there are very much Pictures. Another way could be to Set a Folder to the Pictures. And i don’t know huch much this affects the Performance.

              If this all is not a good Idea, one more but for me the personally a second Option – Just create Tags-Like Icons under the Starpicture… On MouseOver -> Show the linked Image instead of the Starpicture. Like the Tags you can create a “X” to remove single Pictures and create a “+” to Add new ones…


                1. This is what i mean… This Tagentrys for Pictures under the Starpicture. Would take not much space, good for the Aspect Ratio, Single Pics can be removed or added. But should be a Little bit bigger and maybe a Maximum of Entrys to not blow up the Performance/Database.


  17. First of all thanks for all your hard work, this makes it so much easier to catalog and view my collection. I am seeing so many scenes I forgot I even had.That being said I am wondering if there is a way to load scenes I already have separated into different folders on my PC and not just categories. I have a few folders dedicated to certain stars along with a couple more that are for certain websites. I tried creating a category and dragging a folder of scenes to it but that just ended with 300 categories of scene names from the folder and same thing with pornstars. I am sorry if this is already a feature and i am just not seeing it.


    1. The path of each scene you import is examined for matches against existing tags. So if you have a scene with “arianna Marie” anywhere in the path, and the same star in pg already, the scene will get the tag automatically. Just drag the scenes into the normal scenes tab. When you drag into for example star tab, pg thinks you want to create stars. My handling of non-image file types is not great there.


  18. Here is some things i would like to see
    – Breast Size changed to actual cup sizes (A,B,C,D,DD, etc.) And maybe a button for natural and augmented “fake” breasts
    – A Button for Active or retired with dates in the industry for stars (example, 2010-2016)
    – More Eye color options (hazel etc.)
    – Make it where when i play a random scene from the scenes tab it actually counts the view for that scene
    – I Love the flag option as well but if possible both would be nice
    – Height and weight for stars
    -On the date of birth if it could calculate the age and display it that would be really cool.
    – A way to sort by hair color, age, breast size, etc. in both scenes and stars
    – Kinda stupid but a panic button were i could press a button on my keyboard or PG and it would either white out, blackout, close etc so you don’t get caught by loved ones. Seen this on some sites and thought it might be useful for some people

    All i can say is this is one of the best organizers for porn out there and it just keeps improving. Thank you very much and keep up the fine work. I am excited to see what you come up with next.


    1. Active or retired I’ll add to my list.
      Provide a list of colours you want for eyes and I’ll add them.
      I can add an option for the randomized scene count.
      Bahhhh to height and weight. We’ll see.

      The panic button is alt-f4. Lol. Not sure what other key combo you would want implemented that would just do the same thing.


      1. -Eye Colors to be added: Amber, Hazel not many but will help a lot since these two are common
        -Would still like to see an option for natural or fake breasts as well as flags for CoO (Country of Origin)
        -Lol did not even think of Alt-F4


  19. My vote for where to develop first is the bookmarks tab. A single location to find all bookmarks seems like a realły good function and one I could be seen used very frequently as it by nature would include the best of the best parts of each scene.


  20. The ability to save playlists, and searches. Remember where you left off on a playlist. When hovering over stats, catagories and stars, have the number of scenes show in the corner.


  21. I want to preface this by commending the progress you’ve made with PG. Each version is adding functionality and addressing bugs. Kudos for good development skills.

    For stars:
    Height/weight field (ideally below the stars name where description is currently as that’s what I use it for).
    Country of origin (maybe instead of the ethnicity options you have now) with country flags for icons.
    Fit star image to frame.

    Organize scene on import option.
    Basically I would like to see a better workflow for importing. Currently I import my scenes then change my sorting option to date added then work my way through each scene. Ideally I would like to have an option to go through each newly imported scene immediately after doing the import; reviewing the auto tagging, making whatever changes I need to, then having it marked ‘organized’ when I move to the next scene.

    Contact sheet support.
    I would love the option to use a contact sheets for the scene previews. I would like to use a third party program to a generate contact sheet for each scene (saving it into that scenes folder i.e. scenes.jpg or similar) then have an option in PG to use the contact sheets by default (with the image enlarging on mouse over instead of preview using NReco).



    1. I like the idea of changing the ethnicity to flags. I could mark scenes as “new” on import, would just be a temporary flag until pg closes. Wouldn’t you prefer an embedded video player instead of contact sheet? Not saying it shouldn’t have image support, just as a default.


      1. My preference would be a popup right after import that lets you go through each new scene one at a time for tagging/checking. Think Ember Media Manager (if you’ve used that). Obviously this would be an option not necessarily a default.

        As for contact sheets, I like the embedded player but often times I end up with a black/white/blurred/website name preview. I also have to sit through quite a few frames to get the gist of the scene. A contact sheet solves both those issues cleanly. As with the import, having the option would be fantastic but it certainly wouldn’t have to be the out-of-the-box default. The embedded player does often look better though; maybe a button/ability to flip between the two modes?



        1. Adding items is an asynchronous operation. You can add one item or hundreds, in batches. Should every import open a pop up? I really dislike pop ups in general.

          I’ll add the ability to skip to a specific frame re: auto generated scene thumbnail


          1. By popup I’m thinking more just the scene details view. So import would go something like this:

            Click import, select folder(s), tick ‘verify scenes after import’ option (or similar)

            Scenes import as usual

            First new scene opens (scene view)

            Edits are made if needed and you click ‘organize + next’ button (or ‘skip’)

            Next new scene loads (again scene view) and previous scene is tagged as organized (or not if skipped)

            Etc until all new imported scenes are verified/tagged

            Most of my “grind” in PG comes from the tagging of scenes and the creation of star bios so anything that can make that workflow more focused goes a long way.

            Adding the ability to skip frames would be awesome, it would make my scenes page look much better! Again these are just suggestions, I won’t be heartbroken if they aren’t implemented.



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