big update

probably the biggest update to PGV3 so far

  • tags can now have folders assigned to them.  any images in the folders will be displayed in a new images view.  you can also drag individual images into the image view to add them as a source.  works ok for DVD back covers.  i know it could use improvement.
  • you can now view the top 10 google image results for a tag, similar to the above images view
  • Descriptors: generic description of a theme.  ‘Big Boobs’ is a good one.  You can attach descriptors to any tag, for example a Star.  Any scenes you then tag with that star will automatically inherit the Big Boobs descriptor.
  • Category sub-categories:  you can attach any number of categories to a parent category.  Attaching ‘Blowjob’ to ‘POV Blowjob’ will mean any scenes you tag with ‘POV Blowjob’ will get auto-tagged with ‘Blowjob`
  • flyout UI revamp
  • ‘New’ filter.  any items added since PG was opened are tagged as new.
  • all tags now support aliases as well as custom urls (‘links’)
  • full star bio.  things like eye colors, breast sizes come with defaults but in the future will be modifiable inside PG, for now if you want to you can use SQL Browser to go in and tweak them to your liking.
  • renaming an item now triggers the auto-tagger
  • many bug fixes, including hopefully crushing the euro-bookmarking bug

i am sure there will be lots of bugs. please report them and check back here for updates, i will update the download link as i release fixes.  the best way to get a hold of me is via discord:

please backup your database guys


PGV3.exe version 3.18.6131.13330 (updated with typo fixes, hopefully bookmarking fix)


edit: if anyone is really good at making GIFs i’d love to pick your brain

121 thoughts on “big update

  1. I would like to see an easier way to add Star Bio information. I find it very tedious. At this point I have about 100 stars with no info.


    1. I seem to be having trouble with Descriptors. I’ve applied a handful to most of the stars that I have created, but any scene that gets auto-tagged with that star doesn’t have the descriptors pass through. Unfortunately, this is the case for almost all of my scenes as my filenames cause them to auto-tag as soon as I create a star entry. Manually tagging a scene adds descriptors and works great.

      Also, I agree with wanting easier methods to enter Star info. Maybe some arrows to jump to next/prev Star and be able to navigate through records without going back to the full menu.


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