PGV3 new version


  • scenes have a “create gfycat” button
  • scenes have “use current frame as thumbnail” button
  • embedded video player
  • Discord integration for favorites and splooges
  • descriptors renamed to themes
  • unwatched scenes button
  • scenes can now sort by splooges/file size/length
  • now runs as 64 bit
  • hopefully improved performance with thumbnail generation
  • most if not all bugs reported on the PGV3 discord have been fixed
  • can now use mouse wheel on sliders

please backup your database guys

PGV3 v3.19.6166.34761

edit: gif creation a little sketchy.  the folder “c:\temp” needs to exist for this to work.  if you choose GIF, it will only create a file.  you cannot gfycat a GIF file.



27 thoughts on “PGV3 new version

  1. Well, PGV4 is crazily unreliable and difficult to navigate as well. Hoping V3 is better but cannot locate a download. As I have been searching for such a tool for a long time, I’d be happy to become a patron if I could see that it actually functions. Dead project or suggestions…?


  2. Same problem as always: You have a star named “Addison” because you don’t know her last name, and Pornganizer tags every scene with Addison Cain, Addison Rose and Addison Avery in the file name with the wrong star. Further, any theme added to Addson’s ‘scene’ is copied to Addison Cain, Addison Rose, and Addison Avery, even after you’ve removed the false “Addison” tag from the scene.

    Because there is a possibility of the auto-tagging feature being wrong, and further possibility the user has to spend a lot of time correcting this error, then the auto-tagging feature for themes added to a star’s entry/scene should scan tags the scene has, NOT the file names. At least, for those marked “organized”, it should disregard the file name and search the tags instead for a match to the star, not the file name.

    And also, not going to type it out again, but there is a logic to the auto-tagging feature you could use to fix this, namely continuing to search forward for a longer match after a first-name match has been found, and deferring to the longer of the matches. Also, for any given star/category/dvd/etc. there needs to be a button next to every scene in that view to remove the given star/category/dvd category from a given scene. It would make fixing the mistakes of the auto-tagger a little quicker.

    And also, integrate with Kodi pls. It’s a little work, but you should be able to implement with relative ease. This, along with some sort of scraper implementation/database, WOULD PROPEL THIS SOFTWARE TO THE STRATOSPHERE. You’d be banging Margot Robbie and crashing Ferraris in no time.


    1. Example of the above: With my “Addison” problem, I’d like to be able to add the “brunette” theme to Addison’s entry, and have every scene tagged with “Addison” as a star have ‘brunette’ added. I would NOT like to see it add ‘brunette’ to every file in my database that has ‘Addison’ in the file name.


    2. scenes marked as organized are no longer affected by the auto tagger. hope that helps.

      when you add a theme to an item, such as a star, that theme is applied to each scene tagged with said item. it should behave exactly as you are asking for in this case.

      not really sure what you are envisioning re: kodi. you would want a whole PG UI replicated as some sort of kodi plug in? doubtful that is ever going to happen.


  3. Hi! Great Job. Thank you so much! It’s so awesome! I tested it and I have a some questions about this software. The first one is, how I disable the embed player? I didn’t found this in the settings. The second question is, it’s a mp4 clip or gif (10 sec) for a preview working?


  4. My custom image thumbnails (images set as the thumbnail) don’t seem to be working for me in this update. Instead of seeing them, I see the default thumbnail taken from the video. The path to the images still appears in the details pane.


  5. Excellent software! Could you please clarify something for me?

    1) How can I make Pornganizer move my scenes to «organization root» after importing?
    2) How can I filter scenes by «organized» mark?
    3) What’s the difference between themes and categories?

    Also I noticed that Pornganizer does not remember settings after program restart
    («When renaming a scene, also rename a file on disk», for example).


    1. 1) you can’t. but there is an “organize” button on the scene flyout that will attempt to move the file to the best possible location based on the current system folders that PG knows about.
      2) there is an organized filter toggle button at top of each list view beside the favorite runner up and new filters
      3) generally, themes apply generally to the entire scene, while categories apply to specific portions of scene and have related bookmarks.

      you are right, there was a typo remembering that specific setting. fixed now.


    2. Here’s my guesses. Might be wrong:
      1) Not sure if it’s possible to move files. I haven’t found a way yet.
      2) When you are finished tagging a scene, you can mark it as organized. So when browsing you can filter by unorganized to find the scenes you need to tag. Haven’t found a way to only display the organized scenes.
      3) The themes are characteristics of the persons in the clip. If you add ‘Curvy’ to a star, all future scenes with that star will be in tagged with the theme ‘Curvy’ (But not current scenes with that star unfortunately). Categories are for the events happening in the scene or a description of the scene itself: POV, Threesome, Anal. At least that’s how I use them.

      I have the settings-problem also. Some settings are forgotten upon closing the program.


  6. In the future would it be possable when doing an update, and we update database to also update the Google Search Infor, move it from older version to newer one.


  7. Hi, how are you? I have a question. I’ve been trying to download this software and i can’t make it work. It crashes when I try to open the PGV3.exe. These are the details:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: PGV3.exe
    Problem Signature 02: 3.19.6166.34761
    Problem Signature 03: 582f9a74
    Problem Signature 04: PresentationFramework
    Problem Signature 05: 4.0.30319.34209
    Problem Signature 06: 5348b261
    Problem Signature 07: 7fec
    Problem Signature 08: fb
    Problem Signature 09: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParse
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 11274
    Additional Information 1: dce6
    Additional Information 2: dce642eadbf91bc0ae6ab820ad6e3b42
    Additional Information 3: c3de
    Additional Information 4: c3deb65d67aba1ef56b60c868f5d0292

    I’m on PC Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    I really want to use this software, is there a way i can make it work?


  8. Hey there!
    Nice update, testing it now…

    Already ran into a problem. The program always crashes, when I open a specific star. I investigated a little further and there seems to be a problem with the thumbnail generator for a specific scene cause it also happens with another star who is in a same scene with her or open the website the scene is tagged with.There is no problem in the previous version with that scene/star/website.


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