PGV4 coming soon (ish)


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59 thoughts on “PGV4 coming soon (ish)

  1. Hi, i want to sign up to your patreon.
    do you have any v4 builds to download on a $10 pledge? and when will v4 be released?



      1. Would you mind open sourcing?

        I wanted to add JAV/AV site scraping, and fix up some of the viewer issues, plus, you can’t use the program if the DB is on a network location, wanted to get that resolved too.


          1. The error is on building the DB in the first place, the version is -1, but it also crashes when you try a prebuilt DB on an SMB share.

            Why not open source V4 anyway? You could always stagger repo pushes in favour of patreon if that’s your concern, and people will/won’t donate no matter what.

            I mean, I can just ILspy/Reflector it, get it recompile-able code in a couple of casual hours, add the features I want, and then the only person that benefits is me; you miss out on having help, users miss out on new stuff.


            1. i guess my primary concern is that i am a shitty programmer. a better programmer could take my code and make a better PG. frankly I’m surprised no one has done it yet anyways from scratch. i feel like if i open-source it, it won’t be “mine” anymore.

              yeah, you can ILspy/reflector it, but I don’t believe that gets you the xaml, and that is a huge chunk of the work. you’d spend quite a while patching all the holes i think.


              1. It does look like you get the XAML with it, which makes sense, it would need to be in the program somewhere, for the program to function.

                Even if it didn’t, WPF/UWP UI development is pretty easy to do, and the code you did manage to get out would give clues as to what to do.

                In my experience, most people don’t choose to unnecessarily reinvent the wheel; if your project is there, and progressing, people would rather add to that, as opposed to fully implementing their own solution.
                I doubt that many people want to publicly associate themselves with porn in their professional lives, but also, it’s just going to be a passing interest for most people, once they sort out their mess of files, interest will wane.

                In the end though, the point is probably to make something that your users want to use, so you should take advantage of whatever is available to make that process easier/faster for yourself.


  2. Tip: Ajust the images size to an especific width. Some of them gets so small when hovered, even with a good quality.


      1. I always download images above 1024×768 tho. Sometimes PG shows those images like being 100px wide. 😦

        I would suggest add some built-in image viewer (on click instead of on hover).

        I love your program, dude. πŸ˜€


  3. Do you have any tips for manually inserting items into the database? I’m trying to add Stars manually (I have a script scraping information from FreeOnes to fill in a lot of blanks). Currently I’m updating the tables:


    However when I do and write the changes to the database, they do not show up in PG. Am I not updating a table that also needs to be updated? Is there a “Debug Mode” which will show me any errors its getting from the database?

    Thanks for your hard work.


  4. Many thanks for this wonderful project. New screenshot looks amazing!

    A few suggestions for the upcoming version, I have already manually added them to my own db but might be useful.

    Hair type – Bald (lots of trademark baldies out there)
    Hair type – Grey (lots of dirty old men out there)
    Country – Uruguay missing (eg. the legend that is Marco Banderas)
    Breast type – Enhanced (lots of performers with before/after boobies)
    Status=deceased (very sad, but I mark my dead performers with a ‘RIP’ theme)
    Director – (I have my faves, so I add them as themes instead eg. Pierre Woodman)
    Studio/website – (eg. Studio=BangBros, Website=Bigmouthfuls)
    Started year – 1990 is the oldest, but what about retro actors?

    Also, I think that release date is not saved, but I could be wrong (not too important, I usually add it as a comment under the title anyway)

    Many thanks for your hard work.


  5. Hello! I think it would be great to be able to view the database on the phone using Mobi DB. Can you add the option of uploading to .csv? At least a few fields, for example: Movie title, actress, genre, studio …. or something like this…. Thanks!


  6. Love the idea of this program! However I cant seem to get it to work no matter what I do :/

    Whenever I create a database the program crashes. When I restart it and click find, I can then locate the data base file but then when I click load it says that I need to click OK for a database update, so I do that but nothing happens, I repeatedly click the OK button but still, nothing happens.

    Sorry to be a bother but I would really appreciate advice on how to get it working as it seems like a very interesting and useful program!


  7. Thanks for you work.

    The thumbnails of .wmv file doesnt appear, is it normal ?
    And when i try to “use current video frame for thumbnail” it doesn’t work too.

    Thanks in advance for reading me.


      1. I just find “PGV3.exe” in the link “mega” (26.8mo). I dont find where you can download your nreco dll file.


  8. Could you enable multiple video players at once? I have two monitors and like to queue up two different “categories” at once via the “Playlist” button; however, I can only launch one at a time. While one “Playlist” instance of VLC is active nothing happens when I attempt to “Playlist” another category.


  9. Will we be able to import our PG3 database? Or should I wait organizing till you finish PG4?

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work!


  10. This is a good software for us organizer video πŸ™‚

    In Japan ,most of video(JAV) have cover , In next version , can PG auto add the same folder cover,such as below picture …?

    the cover and video most of time in same folder.
    cover name always is cover.jpg or filename.jpg

    Second , if user can set own Language(User can make their own language pack i mean),that may good.

    Support your develop.^^ THX again….


  11. can we turn off all the animations with v4? that would be pretty awesome. They really don’t add much to the software.


  12. Is it possible to add a feature that allows me to preload the video previews somewhere. In a way that if the hard drive containing the video is not connected I can still see the preview of the video.


  13. Have you thought of playlists? I would love to see this implemented.
    I also like the idea mentioned above. Sublistas would be a great idea.
    Think about it!


  14. Nice screenshot! This is very nice work

    I would like to point out that I use the Themes field for the individual site names within a major site. For example, I would have the website be Brazzers or ReallityKings but the theme would by PornStarsLikeItBig or BigNaturals. Have you ever considered adding a sub category for sites to cover the large networks with many sister sites?

    Also, is there a way to sort Actors/Actresses by number of scenes in the database? When you acquire enough scenes the list of Stars can become so large that when you scroll through you see a bunch of one off’s thatyou don’t recognize very much and it’s hard to pick out a particular star that perhaps wasn’t on your mind but would spark your interest. If not, would you consider adding something like that?


  15. Hi, is there any possibility to implement an auto form compiler for the details of the stars (based on freeones, for example).



  16. dude, really, really great work! i appreciate the design and i’ve gotta say, you’ve met a need I’ve wanted for so long. question for you: do you happen to know how one would install this using WineBottler for Mac (i.e. would you need to use specific WineTricks?) if it doesn’t work it’s all good. I just wanted to give it a try. thanks again for the work you’re doing!


  17. Is there a feature that allows me to autogenerate tags based on an actress? I’m sure there is and I’m just missing it. But it’s just a bit annoying on the data entry side when I have to tag the same things over and over when the actress is the same.

    Love the software, great work.


    1. Are you sure you’re not simply using categories instead of themes? What you’re describing sounds like themes to me, and they get automatically applied to scenes the actor is in.


  18. Also, it is very important to add a bookmark to the section with the actresses, as it is done under the categories. For example, there is a movie in one file, there will be several actresses. And so it will be able to move it at the time with a particular actress


  19. It would be great to add something like check list to, for example, write down all the scenes for some actress for her career and celebrate some scenes are missing πŸ™‚


  20. Great to hear that!

    Would it be possible to include something like a master category for the scenes/dvds? My dorm’s server has a shitload of porn of any variety, so it would be great if we could first put it into a coarse master category (straight, bi, gay, lesbian) and then use the categories as intented to refine the scene/dvd contents.

    Optimally this could then be used for organizing the files, e.g. like:
    + Straight
    | +– A…
    | +– C…
    + Bi
    | + …
    | + …
    + Gay
    | …
    + Lesbian


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