V5 making good progress

14 thoughts on “V5 making good progress

  1. hello, i know this program is for windows only, but is a linux version possible in the future or is it 100% sure you won’t do it?
    Thank you.


  2. is there any chance of being able to rename/move files that are within the database? i.e. change the filepath as a new entry under the edit screen, and then simultaneously update the database with the new filepath?


  3. Will it be able to embed metadata into MP4’s? Or at least work with MP3Tag or something to do so? I use Plex and have a collection spanning terabytes at this point. “Tedious” is hardly the word to describe organization at this point lol!


    1. can you provide me with a file that has metadata already embedded you would like PG to be able to read?

      i don’t have any plans on making PG write metadata, I’d have to look into it.


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