V5 making good progress

57 thoughts on “V5 making good progress

  1. Any way to get more output on why or where database imports crash? That way the user can do something about particular errors. Converting like this v3 -> v4 -> v5.


      1. Too bad, V4 database import does not works at all. I export the DB to json (opened the jsons, eveything is fine there), but the importer does nothing. no error message, just the realm db remains empty.


  2. Is there any chance you can make the paths relative to the database file? If the database and files are stored on an external HD, the drive letter can change and screw up the paths.


    1. I noticed the same. I usually go and change the letter from G to H, as H it is seen in the database I made a year ago. I mean it is a free software glitches are expected but overall is great.


  3. Hey I’d love to try your software, but I cant seem to find the download link. On git there is only a readme for v5 but no binary.


  4. Can we have sort by random? That’s literally the only feature I need since windows explorer can’t sort by random. Also, idk why but v4 scroll is very slow. Thanks


  5. It would be really really great if you could add support for pictures (.png and/or .jpg would be enough) as I’m still struggling to find a software that let’s me organize pictures just like yours does it with videos. The categories and stars function is just perfect! Would be really great! Keep it up 🙂


  6. hi.
    I just downloaded v3 and v4,but when i want to install, windows start sending me the message PGV4 and PGV3 stopped working.
    I have to do something else for the program to work?


        1. I tried. Unfortunately a bunch of 3rd party nugets either don’t work at all or have issues. TBH I don’t see the advantage. The reason I tried doing it at all is because core exposes a new “better, more performant” media player control, but it is actually terrible.


      1. please make sure to fix the resolution problems with previous versions, I test your v3 and v4 in my 13.3 in (ASUS ZenBook UX310) with 1920*1080 resolution and wasn`t able to see all parts of your app. because your app doesn`t have resize option.

        tnx for your great idea 😉


  7. hello, i know this program is for windows only, but is a linux version possible in the future or is it 100% sure you won’t do it?
    Thank you.


  8. is there any chance of being able to rename/move files that are within the database? i.e. change the filepath as a new entry under the edit screen, and then simultaneously update the database with the new filepath?


  9. Will it be able to embed metadata into MP4’s? Or at least work with MP3Tag or something to do so? I use Plex and have a collection spanning terabytes at this point. “Tedious” is hardly the word to describe organization at this point lol!


    1. can you provide me with a file that has metadata already embedded you would like PG to be able to read?

      i don’t have any plans on making PG write metadata, I’d have to look into it.


      1. you can write some metadata from the Properties dialog by right-clicking on a file but we need better ability to do this.

        what we really need is a crowd-sourced database so we can just take a md5 hash and then select from available options. Say we download an adult video from one of the hosting sites like Keep2Share – usually the file is named something like “Vinna-Reed-girl-girl” or something similar and even when we download from Vide0box they leave out the name of the stars, or Adult Time they usually only put a few stars in the filename. Better would be something like:

        Rocco’s True Stories #02, Scene #03 – (Evil Angel – 2018) – Tiffany Tatum, Mary Monroe (anal), Erik Everhard – (960 x 544 – 30 fps)

        some of this data could be embedded as metadata though

        then search on whatever stars or fields you want

        seems like it wouldn’t take too much to write a small crowdsourcing program to compile this data and send it back to a server – slowly improve the program over time and eventually you control a valuable database and then you charge maybe $10/year for access rights. There is a similar crowdsourced program called Hydrus for renaming hentai/anime pictures

        i know i would easily pay $100 for such a program – think about the hundreds of millions of porn users around the globe

        the key is having the files properly named and tagged so when you search for a particular actress or genre or combination thereof all the videos show up


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