Pornganizer is 100% free. It has built in support for VLC and HPC.  Any player that has basic command line functionality will work, but only VLC and HPC have enhanced functionality.  The files are hosted on megaupload because it’s free, and I am hosting this site on wordpress because it cost me 34$ for a year and took 20 minutes to set up. 🙂

I apologize for any AV warnings you may get, the app is not signed and I don’t see myself purchasing a security certificate in the near future.  The only web activity the app performs is to autodownload images found on google, which you can disable if you like.



Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pgv3

Discord: https://discord.gg/WS5c5QS

138 thoughts on “About

  1. Error Previewing file:///[x.265.mkv] HRESULT 0xC00D109B

    I can’t preview HEVC(X265) files on view details.

    It keeps show up the message.

    However, H264(X264) Bluray video files work properly.

    Will you please look into this issur and fix it?

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    1. PG should be able to play anything Windows Media Player can play.

      Try opening that file with WMP. If it doesn’t work, you may need to install some codecs or something, but it’s not an issue I am able to resolve.


  2. are you still updating this? and also how do i add scenes to a category? it tell me to click on the ”play” logo. but its not there.


      1. it would be great if you could add scenes to a category. For example if you have a folder of “teen” but the individual files are all called “sc1” “sc2” etc. then you have to manually tag them all teen yourself.


  3. First Amazing work! An Now a few quesions.
    Why is your patreon Account down? And how can I go back to all my Videos after I opened view details?


  4. I decided to back this project on patreon because a good porn organize software is needed. Been using EFP before this and EFP is quite heavy, bugged and lacks features on picture organizing side. Can’t forexample sort Picture Galleries/Sets based on a tag like Studio, it will instead display your ENTIRE picture collection that has those searched Studio tags on em’. Making it quite hell trying to find what youre looking for.. It’s also less easy to manage new tags in EFP when compared to PGV where you can literally just create a new tag from currently selected random scene details window.

    – Will PGV eventually have ability to organize pictures same as it currently has for movies?

    – Will movies get a feature where youre able to create bookmarks from an certain section of movie? Ie. 50min movie you make couple cowgirl pos bookmarks at 25:00-25:37, blowjob bookmarks at 11:27-12:13..


    1. hi there. better picture support is on the backburner, but certainly something i’d like to add to PG

      you can already create bookmarks by adding them to categories. although currently they only support a start time.

      thanks for the support 🙂


      1. First of all, thanks for your program.

        Do you have any kind of tutorial, or guide how to start, what is the best workflow process or whatever?
        I seriously don’t understand anything (maybe I am stupid?).

        So basically, what’s the best way to start? Create some categories and themes, add some stars? What’s the difference between categories and themes? what’s the website for?
        Where do you add the videos? In the scene section? How do you apply general characteristics to several videos? Why it does not seem to save any change I do?

        So yes, if we have a whole lot of a mess of a collection split in ordered folders, how do we move that into PG?



    2. I would also love to see the ability to organize Photo Sets together. Maybe in addition to Scenes, DVD, etc tabs inset a Gallery tab where photo sets can be loaded (and grouped) to be tagged with the appropriate star(s).


  5. Amazing work, truly. I just contributed to Patreon to support. I’ve been looking for something like this forever, and contemplated making my own at one point.

    I had a few suggestions, mostly UI-based, that I think would be helpful:

    * Nothing happens when I double-click on a category or star… I would expect this to take me to the page which allows me to edit it and/or view scenes with that category/star

    * When viewing a category, it would be nice to be able to see all stars which are in scenes with that category, and/or stars which are tagged with that category (see next comment).

    * Allow tagging stars with categories, not just themes, and then apply those same category tags whenever content is tagged with the star. Certain categories, especially based on ethnicity, etc. will always be inherent when content includes a particular star

    * Some of the colour choices, particularly the grey used to indicate selection of items, makes it difficult to see what is selected. For example, when clicking on an item, if you are still moused over it, there is no way to tell that it is selected. Perhaps have three colours for the rectangular selection indicator: white when not selected, blue when selected, and light blue when selected and moused over.

    * I would like to have the option to disable the image thumbnail enlargement when mousing over certain things, especially on the star tab and category tab. Some of the images are very high res and it takes up the whole page

    * It would be great if, when adding a new category or star to a scene that doesn’t already exist, it brought you to the page where you can edit the star fully, and then return to the scene to continue tagging

    * In V4 I cannot add new categories/stars/etc. when I am tagging an individual scene. I can add via the category/star page, but when I tag a new scene with a new star, I cannot create the star there

    * When a category or star is selected, it is difficult to leave that page and return to the previous one. I have to click around and keep hitting ESC to leave

    * When adding/editing a star, the ability to import from StarFinder is awesome, but the ‘button’ is extremely close to the ‘Generate description’ text, and I honestly thought it was one button, which was confusing. It would be nice if it were an actual button instead of just text with a link, and if the generate description button was easily distinguishable from it

    * It would be nice if the different pages were stored in a stack so it could be navigated almost like a browser, where there is a back button to go back to where I was before. So if I was adding a scene and then created new category based on it, it would let me edit the category, then click back and take me to the same page I was before

    * When editing the image displayed for categories/stars, I can no longer (since V4) open a dialogue to select local files. It seems that I have to drag the file to use it as the thumbnail. In V3 I could select one from disk, which was very nice. Also, if I add two images to a category/star, I cannot switch between them. I see no way to go back to a different image. Even if I delete one image, it still shows that as the thumbnail. Since V4 supports image collections, it would be nice to be able to select between images to be used as the thumbnail

    * Marking something as organized while the view is filtering to show only unorganized scenes does not make the scene go away. If I’m looking at only unorganized scenes and mark one as organized, I would expect it to go away

    * It may be nice to see some clearly visible indicator that something is *unorganized*, so that when importing and tagging it is very clear what has to be organized

    * It seems relatively difficult to batch import, tag, and organize a large collection of scenes. For example, for each scene I have to click on the scene to tag it with categories/stars using the pane on the right, (this currently isn’t working fully, see above comment. I can’t make new tags or new stars through this UI), then right click it and select Edit Details, and then scroll down past the large video preview, and click the ‘Organize’ button.

    * In the above process, the tooltip for both ‘Organize’ and ‘Unorganized’ buttons says ‘Organize’. It’s not clear whether I am marking it organized or not. A different UI could be to have the button greyed out if unorganized, and then once clicked it turns green, etc.

    * Importing a V3 database into V4 does not cause an error or generate a message, it just spins forever

    * When using the V3 -> V4 converter tool, it will make a file, always called pgv4.db, and append to it the output as converted from the V3 DB. This has two negatives: 1) it will corrupt an existing pgv4.db file if it existed, and 2) if you select the same V3 DB to be converted multiple times, the resulting V4 DB contains duplicates of everything

    * Please make a simple search bar in the top right corner with the magnifying glass! It’s relatively confusing to perform a simple text search

    * The scrolling is *very* slow

    * Finally, there are a number of actions which cause PGV4 to crash. One of them is sorting, but I have crashed it multiple times. Of course, it’s in alpha, so that’s expected, but I wanted to let you know

    Also, I had a few questions:
    * What is the intended difference between ‘Themes’ and ‘Categories’?
    * Is this project open source? Is it on GitHub/GitLab somewhere? Can we open up issues in the issue tracker?
    * Is there a text-based config file somewhere that allows for editing more advanced settings than what is in the settings tab?
    * Is there a better way to communicate bugs than by posting here? Consider opening or publicly linking to an issue tracker (like GitHub/GitLab).


    1. you can middle click to open details on a tile, maybe i will do the same for double click

      you can see the categories for a star, open the expander bar in the top right section

      a category is meant to pin-point an act within a scene. it wouldnt make sense to associate them with stars. that is what themes are for.

      yes i will look at improving the selected item colors

      there is a checkbox to disable thumbnail bottom left

      if you add a star via the stars page, it takes you immediately to the star details. personally, when viewing a scene and adding a star, i do not want to immediately edit the star. perhaps i could add an option.

      there were some issues with adding tags in the first v4 release, make sure you have the latest

      you can use mouse 4 to navigate backwards, just like a browser, it’s sort of how PG is meant to be used

      i can look at improving the buttons in star editor

      there is a history bar on the right side of PG that may help with your stack request

      there is an “enter image path” textbox at the bottom of the images gallery, but it needs work. you should be able to right click an image to set it as the thumbnail

      doing live updates to obey the selected search criteria is tough. it’s on the list but no promises

      the right pane needs work. i designed it with the intention that it be used mostly when you have multiple scenes selected. you should be able to mark stuff as organized from there.

      you can run the v4 importer manually. you should have a PGV4.Importer.exe in your PG directory and run that. you are the first to report any major issues with it. i can look at cleaning up issues with file creation/modification.

      i could add a search bar. we’ll see.

      unfortunately the virtualized panel that is powering the item lists causes the scrollbar to behave like that, and it is way too complicated for me to fix. not sure what i’m going to do.

      im aware of the sorting issues. its tough. work is ongoing.

      theme: outdoor, teen, milf, gangbang
      category: striptease, reverse cowgirl, facial

      PG is not open source. i have a basecamp but i don’t use it much.

      the config file is in your appdata, everything is exposed via the settings pane.

      the best way to communicate with me is via discord.


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