new version

flyout images should no longer be blurry playlist functionality improved “cycle image” button added to details view, cycles through the first 5 image search results improvement to how multiple tags are displayed in details view improvements to loading process you can now favorite, runner up and organize multiple items at once non-scene item tags should […]

websites page + auto tagger fix

websites page was bugged and adding items incorrectly, sometimes crashing there was a timing issue that was preventing the auto-tagger from working all the time the tag listings of non-scene items are buggy, working on it. mpc player path now saves properly intro video PGV3.exe version 3.16.6105.38460 (updated with loading fix)

stars fix

stars page fix ability to add new tags from scene flyout category image will now pick a random bookmark and fetch the image live preview performance improvements playlist always worked (i think), you just need to select VLC or MPC in settings.  if you left default player selected, all the playlist enqueues would just launch new […]

crash and live preview fixes

i cleaned up a crash that had to do with closing a flyout while your mouse is over a scene tile behind the flyout triggering live preview behavior that was blowing up. to get live preview working, it seems like for now at least you will need an extra .dll file beside the PG exe. […]

loading improvements and more

loading change to hopefully alleviate the stall people are seeing.  i also recommend you delete your settings folders located C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\PGV3. ffmpeg converter implemented wmvs mkv mov avi should now get thumbnails hover over a scene for live preview file exists filter alias saving delete scene button works, careful now alpha playlist support enjoy PGV3.exe version 3.15.6102.39668  

save fix

if you added an item without an image, the item would not show up on the next PG load. basically, if you didn’t have auto google image search enabled, it would seem like stuff wasn’t saving.  this update will fix that. PGV3.exe version: 3.14.6101.33703

export image improvements and more

added error handling to export image process. not sure what is blowing up but this should show something in the log at least.  make sure the organization folder you set is accessible and has drive space. tab page selected sort criteria and direction now saved between sessions adding large number of scenes at once performance […]

images and more

image saving for all types, local file or image url escape/mouse 4 more reliably close flyout tile/tag image tooltips ethnicity filter fix video play now starts at first bookmark if one exists more stuff i dont remember for v2 users, in settings, there is now an option to export images.  you will need to set […]