export image improvements and more

added error handling to export image process. not sure what is blowing up but this should show something in the log at least.  make sure the organization folder you set is accessible and has drive space. tab page selected sort criteria and direction now saved between sessions adding large number of scenes at once performance […]

images and more

image saving for all types, local file or image url escape/mouse 4 more reliably close flyout tile/tag image tooltips ethnicity filter fix video play now starts at first bookmark if one exists more stuff i dont remember for v2 users, in settings, there is now an option to export images.  you will need to set […]

read/write update

please make a backup of your database before using this version features create new database saves new items and most properties improved loading better error handling logging system color changes more stuff ive probably forgotten about enjoy Edit: not sure if upload was correct. the startup window should list “PG v3.13.6094.40469” PGV3.exe  


improved PGV3 a lot of behind the scenes stuff hopefully better loading improved scene tile general fixes   still read only PGV3.exe